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A few weeks back my In-Laws to be went away for a weekend on a little thank you trip which we’d brought for them as a thank you for sending us all to Orlando.

We offered to house/cat/tortoise sit for them over the weekend.

It happened to be that really hot weekend in May when it was like summers from when you were a kid… beautiful hot sunny days, balmy nights and icecream!

I took a particular shine to Thomas the Tortoise (Billie I don’t think is so keen on me – haha) Thomas isn’t very well so we had to take extra time to hand feed him dandelion flowers which I really enjoyed.

Our Zissou besties also joined us and we enjoyed a somewhat disastrous yet amusing night out followed by some prime car booty fun and a pub lunch…

We left feeling like we’d had a proper little holiday and it made me long for a garden of our own!

Here’s a couple of snaps of our weekend… i didnt take many as I was too chilled doing…well… not a lot! 🙂

DSCF2530 DSCF2541 DSCF2552 DSCF2550 DSCF2551 DSCF2553 DSCF2540 DSCF2531