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So…. as promised a while back I thought it would be fun to finally introduce you to my mini maids… all eight of them!

I explained back in my Wedding Series #3 post that I had written to the girls to ask them to be my bridesmaids with a request to “write back and let me know”… My thought behind this was that I would get a little pile of cute cards and responses which I could keep forever… My girls; they didn’t let me down…. So with out further ado… Here come MY girls… (In alphabetical order because that’s fair right?!?)

Miss Edie Jean | age 3 and a half


edie 2Meet Edie…. Edie Jean… Edie is one of the cheekiest little ladies I know… Her Mumma’s daughter through and through, she has a smile that can light up the room. She especially likes dressing up in swishy dresses and trampolining… she’s pretty darn good at both of them if I do say so myself. From Edie (with a bit of help from mummy/onion/MOH) I received a pretty card complete with drawings of me, and a planet and some kisses oh and a drawing of Maxwell and I (Maxwell is on the left (note the beard), I’m on the right (with the boobies and short legs – ha)…. pretty awesome right! x

Miss Evie | aged 4

EVIE PIC EVIEBeautiful Evie, daughter of my awesome cousin and a little princess, a lover of all things girly, pretty & pink this little cutie is going to absolutely adore being a bridesmaid I just know it! Another corker of a card with some pretty spectacular drawings of me, Evie, Maxwell… and well his beard! Pretty realistic I think you’ll agree!

Freya | 14

freya pic FREYA

My oldest mini maid (and who am I kidding tallest… like way taller then me) Freya is my soon to be niece-in-law; a quiet beauty, animal lover, harry potter loving, music making owner of the most gorgeous long red hair you ever did see… I may be a bit jealous, I’m not gonna lie!! Freya sent this this really sweet card which brought a huge smile to my face x

Iris Grace | 5 years old


Iris Grace – a whirlwind of blond curls and sass… This beautiful little lady is such a character and will have you all chucking along with her antics… Fun and carefree, Iris calls me the wedding girl and from the picture above suggests roller skates are a good choice of wedding day footwear! From Iris I received a card as bright as she… with sequins too don’t ya know… cos sequins make every good thing better!

Miss Juno | Five 1/2 years old

juno pic JUNO

Juno is one of my 3 god daughters, Juno is a comic book loving, ballet dancing absolute babe who I have the funniest of times with (like crying with laughter funny times). She’s silly, clever, calls me her goddess mother and I adore her oh-so-much. Daughter of a true friend, Juno sent me the funniest of handmade cards… a brilliant picture of me (long red hair and fancy shoes) and her (with the goofiest smile and flowers) literally so so funny!

Lilly Alexandra | 2 years old


Next up is a little lady who has a huge claim on my heart, my niece, daughter of my big brother, God Daughter No. 3 and the sweetest, happiest little lady you ever did meet (I know I’m biased but I challenge you not to fall in love with her) Lilly loves bubbles and a butterflies and eating sausages… my kind of girl! Lilly may have had a bit of help with her card… but her colouring is amazing!

Lottie | 10 3/4 years old


Gorgeous Lottie, my first god daughter and the most amazing young lady. I have watched this little beauty grow and change over the last 10 years and I’m so proud to be a part of her life. Lottie, not being able to find a card that was right, wanted to make one instead so after a trip to The Range the beautiful card was hand delivered to me with lots of hugs and excitement.A big bold YES and her best handwriting… seriously pulls at your heart strings.

And last, but by no means least…

Matilda Poppy | 1 and a half years old

MATILDA PIC MATILDAMeet Matilda, the youngest of my mini maids but with enough personality to hold her own. Matilda is the smiliest of little girls and the owner of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! They are deep deep brown and teamed with those blonde curls she’s going to make the prettiest of maids. Matilda (with some help from mummy I think) sent me a decorated heart and I have it under good information that she’s up for being part of the crew.

So there you have it, 8 beautiful girls that I have the privilege of sharing the aisle with on my most special of days… I hope it is a day they will remember forever and look back on with smiles on their faces!

Now to start thinking about dressing them all…. he he! x