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So another month has passed (though it seems ages ago that I did that post) and we are officially approaching our anniversary next month, which will also excitingly mark the 1 year count down to our big day!!!

If this year is anything to go by next year will absolutely fly by too, even faster I’m willing to bet!

So…. what have we been up to in the last month!?

The invites are 95% there now ready to go out soon. I spent most of last weekend handwriting all our lovely envelopes (we order 100 handmade envelopes in beautiful complimentary colours) and all the elements are slowly coming together… I’ll promise to share them with you in a couple of months once they’ve all gone out and been delivered.

We’ve also made all our button holes which was super fun! We used a mix of dried, faux and paper flowers meaning everyone can keep them forever (which I kinda like the idea of – squirrelled in a keepsake box somewhere or collecting dusk at the back of a draw to be discovered a few years later to bring a smile to that persons face (romantic thinking I know)  I also say ‘we’ as Maxwell wanted to make his own, which I think is really cute… Whilst Maxwell is a typical man and isn’t too interested in all the little details I like that he wants to have a say/hand in certain parts and I welcome his involvement and help (although it is testing my control freak bride-to-be which I’ve totally come to terms with and am working on)

I also started to make teeny tiny little tassels for use somewhere in the wedding… I’ll share at some point the how to’s for both of these & the button holes so don’t panic. They’re super easy to make if not a little fiddly (Maxwell managed 2… fat fingers apparently being a hinderance)

In addition to this we have been busy searching the web for bands and videographers… both of these are things which I really really want, I have been told by many that they regret not having a video done so I don’t want to make that mistake too. We have found a guy we really like but the only problem is that he lives in Guernsey! He’s happy to travel but it obviously adds a few hundred to the cost and our reserved budget is getting close to the mark. If anyone can recommend anyone more local please do shout…. We’ve discovered whilst searching that we don’t like 95% of wedding videos…. they’re all very samey and a bit cliché… What we like about the guy we like is that it doesn’t look like a typical wedding video, more like a old home movie (but better edited)

On the same note we’ve found a band which are brilliant but again not what I was expecting… We had originally imagined a folk/blue grass kinda band which would compliment the feel of the barn wedding and laid back vibe but when I came to think of what was important with a band, it was that everyone was up dancing and having fun, so luckily we stumbled across a Brighton based 5 piece which seem really fun and sound even better.

Maybe the lesson is to not set yourself too many expectations in advance of the plans coming together…? Things will change and evolve and if you havn’t set yourself up for one thing, it wont seem like you’re going off route when you do just that!?

Also… trust your gut… We’ve gone for our first venue choice and ceremony venue without seeing anything else… if it feels right at the time, don’t question yourself, just go for it and it will always feel right!

So there you go…. 6 months of wedding planning in and we’ve got a good few ticks on the to-do list. from venue, to ceremony, bridal party, band, photographer, hotels, videographer, bar pretty much all sorted… now just have to pay for it all and start thinking of the dress!

I’m in London as I type and am thinking of paying a visit to some fabric shops in Soho… start that journey… ekk!!

Till next month x