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Last month I did a new thing, I attended my first ever 2cv rally…

Before I meet Maxwell my knowledge and appreciation of 2CV’s was…well slim to none. They were the odd little cars that slightly resembled an old VW beetle (sorry… don’t judge me)

DSCF3169 DSCF3170 DSCF3167 DSCF3174

After Maxwell however… well that all kind of changed…. Maxwell is, shall we say, a connoisseur of these old french classics…there I said it. This future husband of mine is the proud owner a small fleet of vehicles… most of which are close relations to the 2CV.

They also all have names… a fact I’ve just accepted now and the star of this adventure was Kermit (as in the green frog from the muppets)

DSCF3168 DSCF3175

The event was the National 2CV GB Meeting on Pump Bottom Farm (haha) in Apuldram, nr Chichester and so after work on Thurs I hopped into Kermit and off we headed… I was quite excited as we pulled into the farm entrance alongside lots of other Citroen cars but also subtle feelings of being a fraud and not belonging.

We drove around for a bit till we found one of the few available spots left and pitched our tent, our tent and kermit’s tent that is! We were kipping on a blowup mattress in the back of the van, then we had a mini tent for all our junk (minimal campers we are not).


Once we were all set up it was time to check out the other campers rides, suss out the site then head to the beer tent in time to catch the Thursday night band.

At the end of the eve we crawled into the back of the van and snuggled down for the night (a little chilly one if I do say so)

The next day and a campsite shower and some breakfast we checked out the Boot sale… think normal carboot sale but all 2Cv’s and lots of car bits…. Not really knowing what any of the bits of metal were I instead got my fingers henna’d (as you do)

DSCF3180 DSCF3181

DSCF3210Then we grabbed an awesome Pizza for lunch and spent the afternoon chilling in the sunshine! I grabbed my Christmas colouring in book and Maxwell grabbed his old french motorised bike and joined a crowd of other 2 wheelers for a little jolly round the site.

DSCF3184 DSCF3205DSCF3189

It might seem like an obviously thing to say but one of the funnest things was just that there was these cool cars everywhere… The Term ‘2CV’ rally is used loosely as there was a whole plethora of old french cars in attendance… that seeming to be the only criteria. I am also quite proud of my now mush extended knowledge of said cars… my favourite of course being the Citroen Ami!

DSCF3186 DSCF3202 DSCF3187DSCF3165

As the sun began to set the BBQ was lit, the rum was out and the evening ended back in the beer tent with another cool band.

DSCF3211 DSCF3198 DSCF3215 DSCF3216

DSCF3218 DSCF3221

A new day (after a much better/warmer nights sleep) began with eggs (as most good days should if you ask me) then another boot sale/market.

DSCF3222 DSCF3224 DSCF3226 DSCF3227 DSCF3230 DSCF3233 DSCF3235 DSCF3237 DSCF3238 DSCF3239 DSCF3240 DSCF3241 DSCF3242

We then decided to go for a drive… we headed to a nearby beachy little village and chilled by the sea with a couple of books then it was back to the Rally for another new tradition…

DSCF3247 DSCF3249 DSCF3251 DSCF3252 DSCF3255 DSCF3259

Apparently a common activity at 2CV Rally’s is ‘A Taste of the World’ type thing where the hosting country all offers up local produce for visitors to try… As we were in the Uk most of the offerings were known to us from homemade scrumpy’s to fruit cakes and sausage rolls but the offerings from Ireland & Germany were a little more exciting!

DSCF3260 DSCF3261 DSCF3262 DSCF3263 DSCF3264 DSCF3265 DSCF3266

I can imagine if you were attending a Rally in another country this would be a fantastic afternoon bit of fun!

DSCF3271 DSCF3272 DSCF3277

That night it was Pirate night (we did not know this so fashioned our most piratey clothes and joined by Maxwell’s friend Alyson we spent a fun evening drinking in smuggled in Rum & dancing. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos of this night… others were much more prepared/better dressed then we were!


Another scorcher of a morning woke us up in our little tin bedroom and after a (pretty darn tasty) cooked breakfast we headed off to the main arena to check out all the cars that were ‘on show’ before people packed up and headed home. After that we headed to chichester for their weekly Car Boot sale.

DSCF3282 DSCF3284 DSCF3285 DSCF3286 DSCF3287 DSCF3288 DSCF3290 DSCF3291

We came home laden with wedding goodies and then begin packing up our little set up. So there you have it… My first 2CV Rally experience and what a fun few days it was!


The 2CV crowd are a funny old bunch, eccentric and jolly but incredibly kind a welcoming, even to a complete novice like me!

I hope in the future we get to go to more, maybe even a few abroad ones and in time we’ll get to introduce our kids to this strange little community of quirky cars with bags full of personality!