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It’s with much excitement that I can now officially share the first pics of our invites as they went out on the eve of our 1 year count down last week.

These have been my sole creative output for the last few months and one of the trickiest personal commissions I’ve ever done I think! haha….


We are trilled with them though and feel they perfectly sum up what our day will be. There’s elements of both Maxwell and I in them and also hints and influences of the two venues that make up our special day. From our art deco ceremony choice to our rustic reception venue there’s hints in the artwork and colours chosen.


In a slightly weird move we sent out a save the date and invite/rsvp all in one go. I think I mentioned before that we originally weren’t going to do save the dates as they were just an additional cost but then I designed one, and fell in love so we just thought why the hell not… the first of many incorrect traditions along the way I’m sure!

DSCF4337 DSCF4353

I really wanted to create a bundle of love and happiness that would be contagious when opened by our nearest and dearest so we knew we wanted to tie the different pieces together like a gift. It obviously worked as a few of the recipients told us they were savouring the task and not opening straight away!


Originally I had thought of using a brown kraft tag to tie the whole lot together as they’re very ‘us’ and something we use all the time but Maxwell brought up the option of a wooden tag, which is very apt with his carpenter professional and I was instantly sold. Unfortunately our monogram was too intricate to etch so instead I created the artwork in a sepia tone and we were thrilled with the result.

Inside the little bundle were 3 x A6 cards; a save the date, an invite and a rsvp.


We kept the information provided to an absolute minimum so that only when people said they could come would they receive all the other goodies and fun facts that we wanted to share, again I know this isn’t how it’s traditionally done, but heck… I think you’re getting the picture that we’re not keen on following the wedding rule books!

The 2 patterns used on the invites are reworked art deco patterns which my sister-in-law-to-be gave me for a previous birthday gift. I reworked the colours so they suited our palette and for the Save the Date I customised this free downloadable template with my own hand drawn florals.


We ordered hand made envelopes through our printers in a forest green, slate grey and tan brown and I hand wrote all the envelopes using posca pens.

DSCF4339 DSCF4370

So there you have is… A first proper insight into what we truly believe will be our best day ever! I’m not going to lie, there’s quite a bit of pressure when DIYing your own invites, but I’m so glad I did them and we’ve loved peoples responses to them and as we’re getting RSVP’s back through the letter box every other day, the excitement continues…Now to finish off the rest of the information and evening invites! haha


There’s also a bit of a fun story about the delivery of these 36 special envelopes…

We fell in love with the idea of people receiving our invites precisely a year in advance, we hoped there would be an ‘oh my gosh, how exciting, oh my, it’s a year today’ kind of reaction… Obviously we knew this wouldn’t be the case for everyone (what with 5 non Uk recipients) but we hoped that 80% would get this experience.

DSCF4371 DSCF4374

We made sure those far away were posted 1st class early in the morning hoping Royal Mail would do their upmost to get them there the following day. The rest in a late night spy like mission we decided to hand deliver once people were settled down for the evening. Not wanting to head out too early we departed around 11pm but slightly under anticipated how long this would take…


Spy like, with the engine running, we crept up to peoples front doors, dodging security lights and squeaky letterboxes and cracking up over my utterly impractical spy footwear choice of flip flops made for an amusing evening. I’m not gonna lie, a few hours in, with half the envelopes still undelivered we did wonder if we’d made the right decision, but as the last few were deposited through various letter boxes in Southsea we concluded we definitely did it the best way as we collapsed into bed in the wee hours of the morning of our 4 year anniversary we smiled knowing it had suddenly ‘got real’!

DSCF4383 DSCF4379 DSCF4386 DSCF4387 DSCF4394

Till next time… x