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Scary fact but I graduated 10 years ago… 10…TEN!!! I’m not exactly sure how that happened but I’m sure glad it did! Whilst at Uni I met a collection of the best girls you could wish for.


Whilst some have stayed close to uni, others have returned home or moved away to somewhere new altogether and over the years with various jobs, homes, husbands and children vying for our attention reuniting as a full set has become more and more difficult.

We had hoped, as a way of celebrating 10 years of post graduation life, that we might get a full set together, but alas, this didn’t quite happen and we were missing our dear Fili.


The rest however all made their way back to Portsmouth (where we all studied) with husbands and children in tow and enjoyed a sun filled weekend of good friends, good food and seriously cute kids!

Our day started at the Southsea Food Festival, then we headed to the Common for some true Southsea hangs, Lounging on the grass, eating spoils from the food stalls and watching the girls play!

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After that it was back to Chlo’s where fellow fashion girl Emma and her crew joined us for a glorious BBQ & plentiful Pimms! Don’t you just love the summer!?

DSCF4156 DSCF4157 DSCF4174 DSCF4163DSCF4185

The weekend was also pretty special as it was our first time meeting the newest of the Fashion Girls Miss Amelia! Utter beauty and captivator of everyones heart!

It was so cute seeing all the girls together. Whilst they need to work on their posing skills, the new generation of fashion girls are a pretty swell bunch and you just know they’re gonna be proper little friends!!!

DSCF4163Till next time girls xxx