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I know I know, I’m late again…. If this series is anything to go by I’m going to be keeping Maxwell and my guests waiting at the altar!

So, as August drew to a close we celebrated our 11 month count down, and as the 27th of each month approaches we get even more excited as it’s another month closer… I wanted to do something special for Maxwell in the year count down to our wedding day so have been giving him a card every month on the 27th… Obviously it’s only two so far but I am hoping this little collection will remind him of why we’re getting married and why I love him so much. I will of course give him the last card on the morning of our wedding day! Cute huh?


A few weeks back I was up in London doing bridesmaids bits for my beautiful bestie whom I am bridesmaid for…. On the Sunday before I came home we had ourselves a little lunch and were joined by my other bestie who is also getting married… There we sat, three brides-to-be and 2 out of the 3 grooms-to-be and of course the conversations steered into wedding talk…. But whilst we were chatting we all agreed that’s it’s nice to sometimes not talk about your wedding. Kelly and Charlie, our most recently engaged duo had friends down for the weekend and said how nice it was just talk about something else for a few days… They’re in that early stage where everyone has an opinion or a friendly suggestion and you start feeling over whelmed by it all and all the big decisions you have to make. What was really nice was chatting about someone else’s big day rather then your own… Helping Becca make her favours and do her place names… Giving advice to Kel and helping Kate set up for her big day… These small acts of wedding related kindness and friendship are more rewarding then spending loads of time indulging yourself and your big day… (plus it’s super fun)

It’s so easy to get sucked into the world of Pinterest and magazines and spreadsheets that it’s important to every now and then step away from the guest list and budget and just go cuddle with your man on the sofa, ignore the diet and have some popcorn and watch a film.

Focus on you as a couple and not just the wedding! Do fun things… Have a break from the saving every now and then and book some gig tickets or enjoy a festival…. We’ve done both these things and both have been a lovely refreshing break.

We went to victorious in August and had such a lovely day hanging out and watching bands it was amazing! (I’ll do a separate post on that next)

I suppose the message of this post, or the advice if I had to make a point is to not forget why you’re getting married, while yes, obviously we want the day to be amazing and unforgettable, the main reason you’re getting married is not the decor, or the dress, or the signature drinks… No, it’s because you’ve found someone who makes your life worth living and who you love more then anything or anyone else in this world and that’s what’s important.

Now… I’m off to cuddle my fiancé  xx