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Last month I got to spend a weekend with one of my most favouritist people. Miss Rebecca Higgins, former roommate and ultimate babe is my wedding twin (weddings a month apart and got engaged within a week of one another) and I also have the huge privilege of being B’s bridesmaid, something which fills me with such warm gooey feelings you wouldn’t believe it!

The main reason for the visit was to make a start on her amazing favours which I have offered to help B with, these are top secret (but so frigging cool) I’ll share some pics after her wedding so not to ruin the surprise! But we also managed to squeeze in some fun (obviously)


On the first night we went out for a super lovely dinner at the beautiful Oyster Shed on the Thames and B also treated me to a morning of hot yoga and a swim at her super swanky gym (seriously if my gym was like that I’d never leave haha)

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We also browsed Selfridges dress department with bridesmaid dresses in mind and had some lunch!

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For two brides to be we’re very cool with relaxing the diet and putting good food first! haha!!

Here’s to you B, Bestest friend and beautiful bride to be…. roll on the next 10 months of planning and gossip and goodtimes xxx (ps, how beautiful is london at night?)