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I have three pretty special God Daughters; Lottie aged 11, Juno aged 5 and Lilly aged 2. These girls mean the world to me and whilst I’ve had the girls separately on their own since they were wee babes, I’d never had them collectively meaning they’d never met their god sisters (a term they seemed pretty happy to adopt) Lilly is still a little young to join in the fun so during the summer break I organised to have the other two girls for a couple of G.Daughter sleepovers. I thought it would be fun for them to meet, especially as they’re all part of my mini maid crew.

The plan was simple… home made pizza’s and a movie on the wednesday eve followed by a day at the beach… simple right….?

dscf4838 dscf4839 dscf4840 dscf4842 dscf4843 dscf4844We started the evening by making some pizza’s; a fantastically messy experience if you’ve never tried it before with two excited young ladies! haha…. All went well though and yummy individual pizza’s were made by all.

Once my bomb-site of a kitchen had been cleaned slightly and the pizza’s were in the oven it was time to choose a movie…. dscf4846 dscf4848

Whilst the pizza was a huge success trying to get these two little ladies (a Leo and a Scorpio I should point out) to agree on a film was slightly harder then I anticipated… With neither agreeing we had our first dissagreement and something which I hadnt anticipated.. We finally got there but I officially had a first glimpse into the eyes of a parent of two (kudos to you mumma’s) Lesson learnt (don’t offer a choice) and finally film chosen, we all settled down into the sofa/airbed and with staggered bedtimes we finally has a sleeping household. 

The next morning thankfully the sun was shining! yay!

After a lazy start and with both girls dressed, fed and clean (no small feat I assure you) we gathered supplies (blankets, games and snacks) and walked round the corner to grab ourselves a good spot on the beach.dscf4858 dscf4861 dscf4867 dscf4868 dscf4873

The beach is a great place to take children regardless of age…. The nice thing is with the sea there to paddle in and stones to play amongst they could occupy themselves and the age difference which was quite a difficult thing the previous night didn’t matter so much. Juno (with shell necklace on) was happy to be master of the sea and spent a good and happy hour feeding it rocks. Where as I was able to teach Lot the fine art of friendship bracelet making.dscf4875 dscf4876 dscf4879

It was lovely spending some quality time with them both, Exhausting but totally fun!
dscf4883 dscf4885 dscf4889 dscf4890There was lots of giggling and dancing and fun… Some fine qualities I hope they will always associate with their God Mumma.dscf4895 dscf4896 dscf4900 dscf4903 dscf4906 dscf4908So there you have it, a few snaps from our first successful god daughter sleep over…. Call me crazy but I also booked in a second double sleepover! haha… I’ll share some more pics soon! x