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Another month has passed…. and you might say it’s been a fashion filled month!  The last 30 days have been all about the dress! and not just my dress I should add, but everyones dresses, friends wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, the hunt for THE dress… yep, there’s been a whole lot of dress talk this month!

I started the month by confiding in a bride-to-be bestie that I’d been feeling a little disconnected with the whole dress idea… I’d always presumed I’d make my dress and whilst I had a sketch of the design I thought I wanted, no more had been done.

I don’t know what it was… Maybe I was worried about getting it right, or was putting off trying dresses on because I was worried none would fit, or quite possibly it was just that it was such a big deal I wasn’t ready to deal with it… I’m not really sure, but for what ever reason the fashion graduate inside me was hiding away behind collecting decor and designing stationary.

My fellow bride-to-be helped me out of the slump by encouraging me to try and get a last minute appointment with the beautiful Grace Loves Lace.


For those that don’t know, Grace Loves Lace is an amazing Australian bridal brand who produce the most beautiful bohemian and unique dresses. Being that they’re based in Australia and don’t have outlets in the Uk, every year or so, they organise a Concierge Event where they come to to the Uk and set up a posh little bridal pop up shop.

In the heart of London, over 2-3 weeks, the lovely GLL girls plan to meet over 300 brides-to-be from across the UK and Europe. They deck the space out so it feels like a Grace Loves Lace showroom ensuring all visiting brides-to-be experience the signature GLL service.

So, knowing all this, with fingers crossed I sent a pleading email seeing if they could fit me in. Obviously the wedding gods must have been smiling down on me as I got one of 5 remaining time slots! Yay!

Mumma Lo and I set off early one Friday morning and rocked up at Clerkenwell Gallery with about 4 minutes to spare…. Right from the word go I was impressed. The spaces looked beautiful. Styled by London based wedding planner/stylists Knot and Pop with gorgeous florals from Still Life Flowers and furniture from West Elm!


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I was greeted by my lovely stylist Amy (a good sign I thought) and was taken down to the space where I was to have my fitting… A glass of champagne in hand we all sat down and discussed our big day and the general vibe of it. Hanging up were the 5 gowns I’d selected and with equal amounts of excitement and nerves I stripped off and took the wedding dress plunge.


Now anyone who’s had a wedding dress fitting before will concur thats it’s an odd experience. You’re stood there in your (newly purchased pretty nude) pants and a pair of heels and are basically dressed like a child! But when you come out the dressing room and see yourself in the first wedding dress you’ve ever tried on it’s a pretty surreal experience and a pretty important moment in a woman’s life.

Much to my surprise and delight I managed to get 3 out of the 5 dresses round my ample bosom which was lovely. The whole experience was a joy and whilst none were The One, I left feeling inspired and happy.

dscf5609 dscf5613

Over a spot of lunch and another glass of bubbles, Mumma Lo and I discussed the dresses and what we liked and didn’t. There was an unexpected element on one of the dresses which changed my initial idea. With this in mind we checked out the soho fabric shops… 2 very different experiences and 2 very different sales assistants and it was time to head home, our minds in an absolute muddle.

Let me elaborate: the fabrics I liked didn’t fit the dress idea and vice versa, the fabrics I wasn’t keen on were the ones that would be needed to create the dress I had designed. Urgh…

Back at home I got the sketchbook out and was doodling all the elements I wanted in my gown…. finding myself drawing the same thing again and again I gave up and dug out my original ideas on Pinterest…. Weirdly a dress popped up which embodied all the qualities I wanted… The more I looked, the more I loved….

Could this be it, had I found the one?!?!

Typically the dress was of another international designer with only two outlets in the Uk… but I made a call and this is where I’m going to go all vague on you so not to give anything away…

dscf5717 dscf5716 dscf5718

The shop stocked the gown I had fallen for but alas it was a sample size 10 and had a £3000 price tag…. ouch! Still, undeterred we had another early morning start and off we headed. I got butterflies when trying it on, which I kind of managed to do (even being a fair few sizes too small) and still loved it.


I begrudged however spending that much on dress I couldn’t properly try on (plus, it would have completely blown our modest budget out of the water) so I’ve made a definitive decision and we (my gorgeous Mumma and I) will definitely be making my wedding dress in the ultimate DIY bride move. The plan is to take the bits I love most from ‘The Dress’ and the material I had fallen for in the shops, change the bits I wasn’t so keen on and create a dress that is so very me!

Having done this experience I feel so much more confident about getting it right and making a dress which is perfect for me. Yay!!!!


All in all an interesting experience yes, but enlightening too… It’s made me realise how much I value Maxwell’s input… All I’ve wanted to do is talk it through with him… He’s the one that I want to impress most and it’s his opinion I value most. Keeping quiet has been so very hard!!

As I mentioned at the beginning though, it’s not been all about me… It’s also been so lovely talking dresses with my two beautiful besties, both of whom I am honoured to be bridesmaids for! Yay!

I wont give any of their secrets away either but eekkkkkk.

We’ve also had some fun finding a dress for Maxwell’s Niece who is the oldest of my mini maids. I wanted to find her something which echoed the little minis but also was grown up and a bit special.

Taking inspiration from B, who ordered 26 dresses and with a fridge stocked full of prosecco had her girls round in an epic bridesmaid mass trying on session; Maxwell, Freya and I ordered a load of pretty gowns and whilst a few looked cute there was one that had that laid back 70s / vintage vibe which we were loving! yay… another dress sorted and another thing ticked of the mammoth wedding to-do list!

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-22-50 screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-23-02

So…. there you go… another month down, another late wedding post and another month closer to our most special of days! We celebrated our 10month count down by treating ourselves to a cheeky little dinner out, a few drinks and an early night.

Till next month…