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Another month has flown by at lightening speed and we find our selves passing the nine month count down point… ekk! (we celebrated with ice cream’s as all the best grown ups do!)

In the last month we have been finishing up our wedding info bundles to go out to all those that RSVP’d yes…. a 98% success rate I should point out!

This has been incredibly fun and frustrating in equal measures.

The design side of it has been a joy…. the printer they were being printed on; an utter joke… much to the frustrations of me, Maxwell and the men doing the printing…

Who knew printers could be so temperamental…? Apparently a change in the weather, temperature, even time of day could effect the colour quality. Obviously, as a somewhat bride-to-be control freak this was doing my head in, but I’m happy to report we got there in the end and my fiancé and I spent Sunday evening bundling them all up ready for posting out this week!

What’s shocked me about this part of the invitation process is just how much you need to tell people, I can 100% see why so many people do websites these days. These bundles are cram packed full of (and I quote) “exciting, sensible and very handy things to know”.

I’ll post some pics next month once I’ve been sure all our guests have received theirs (and I’ve had a chance to photograph them)

This month has also been about something I hadnt thought I’d have to think about… an engagement shoot!

Our wonderful photographer Hayley Savage (check out her website she’s amazing) got in touch to say she’d like like to do a couple shoot with us. I was of course over the moon, not only because it would give us a trial run and practice at “posing” before the big day, but also because, having never had this done I was excited to get some beautiful shots of the boy and I. I tend to spend most of my time behind a lens, capturing my lover in all his candid glory, but similar shots of me are few and far between. I’m not the most confident in front of a lens, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have beautiful photos of myself to look back on when I’m old and wrinkly! haha

Hayley has been great and is 100% up for my creative input. We’ve got a joint shared pinterest board where we’re sharing ideas and locations. We’re going to do the shoot in Southsea where we live and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve spent the majority of this month ordering and returning ASOS clothes and researching non cringey couple poses. I know with ‘couple shoots’ it’s very much each to their own, but I was still flabbergasted but how many engagement/pre-wedding shoots I hated. They were overly staged or just plain cringey…

That being said I am happy to report that I’ve found some stunning inspiration and Hayley is happy with my suggestions. I’ll share a few of my faves:














I think if I had to sum up the vibe, it’d be laid back, bohemian, natural, candid and beautiful. I just want it to look like us and show off our love for one another.

I’m equally happy to report that I think I’ve finally sorted what to wear. (a totally trivial and girly thing to obsess over, I know, but hey don’t judge me) For someone who’s not brought a single thing for her wardrobe all year, I thought I deserved the chance to get something special and new. After lots of ideas and about 100 odd dresses brought and returned, I’ve finally narrowed it down to 3 looks.

I wanted something really wow and over the top, that when photographed on the seafront, the wind giving it flight, would pop and look sensational (I’m thinking of the rust coloured dress above) Then I wanted something that was just very me. (but new and therefore better) and with two looks (a dark floral maxi dress and silky wrap skirt – to be teamed with an old grey knotted tee) I think I’ve cracked it.

Boys have it so easy haha

So there you have it… A few of the images I’ve been admiring, and what i’m thinking of wearing. I’ll share my inspiration Pinterest board once we’ve got the shots back. I cant wait to see them and hope we can create something as special and treasured as these… I hope these images will be something that we’ll keep forever and love as much as our wedding photos.

How exciting!! Till next month…