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Every bride-to-be knows that a wedding fair (or 3) is a must during your planning time. Free goodies, inspiration everywhere and a little indulgent bride time with your best girls.

Since we got engaged I have been to 2 wedding fairs (you can read about them here and here) and both have been a little more exciting then your average (re: traditional) wedding fair.

As we don’t fancy ourselves a traditional kinda couple, we don’t want a traditional wedding, so as you can imagine a traditional wedding fair (think butterflies, chair covers and crystals) really isn’t my cup of tea. I have a knack of going off something as soon as it becomes trendy… an frustrating trait for any bride to be I’m sure you’ll agree!

Anyway, today I have been to my third; The Wonderous Wedding Fair organised by Doily Days and The Vintage Parade taking place in my home town of Southsea.

With two of my best girls in tow we headed to The Pryamids and spent a fun few hours on a sunny Sunday indulging in all things bridal.

We got their early, just after 11, and as soon as we entered we spotted the lovely Lily of Lily Lupin Floral Design who was offering chances to design and make your own flower crown! Of course we jumped straight in…

img_0270 img_0272This was so fun… Lily allowed us to design our own crown using the colours and flowers we wanted… Chloe and Anna chose a mix of bright blooms and I selected peach and ivory roses and lemon balm (it also smells amazing!)


With our floral crowns on board and joined by the beautiful Kelly and her mum, we headed off to watch the first Fashion Show of the day. The designs were a mix of local, bespoke and vintage gowns, and whilst none were my cup of tea, it was still fun to watch. The giant WONDER lights at the back of the stage were pretty special too!


After that it was time to check out the stalls….

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the pretty stationary designer Geri Loves Emi. Having just designed our wedding stationary I loved Geri’s whimsical and delicate florals and illustrative style. Her designs were unique and very pretty indeed!


The next stall that caught our eye was the stunning dried floral art made by Katie….

img_0284 Unfortunately the close up I took was blurry (I knew I should have taken my big camera) but Katie’s pieces were stunning. You can see more of her work on her website Lotus Floral Art. I was especially drawn to her gorgeous button holes and the rather delicious edible flower and chocolate freebies


With our fresh flower crowns on our heads we felt a little like we were the opposition but being able to treasure your flower crown forever is a lovely idea and they really were works of art!

Round the corner and on to the next row of stalls and our eyes were instantly drawn the the seriously gorgeous display of Jemima Cakes. Not only were the cakes, meringe kisses, favours and other various sweet treats on show utterly gorgeous on the eye, but Harriot was also lovely. I think we all wanted to befriend her (in a totally cringey girl crush way! haha) I always presumed we’d make our cake but seeing Harriot’s masterpieces I must admit I’m a bit tempted now!

img_0288 img_0289 img_0525Again I wish I’d brought my proper camera as my phone snaps just don’t do it justice! But seriously go check out her fb page and stalk her on Instagram! I promise you won’t be disappointed (warning, while not disappointed, I can’t promise you won’t leave not feeling hungry!)

The next stall that we stopped at was Choc & Truffle… probably because it was covered in chocolate (hey don’t judge) We were treated to some lovely strawberry chocolate and they were delish! Any chocolate lovers out there should definitely check out this local company!


After filling our boots with sweet treats it was time to move on. The next stall that stopped us in our tracks was Paper Bear Lane. A lovely lady who drew gorgeous little book invitations! these were seriously cute and the lady behind the artwork (I didn’t catch your name I’m sorry!) was lovely too!! If you’re after something a little different for your wedding stationary I seriously suggest these guys!!

img_0294 img_0295

After here I don’t think we really chatted in depth to many people but there were some stunning florals by Cabbage White Flowers.

img_0297 img_0298

And some over lovelys bits along the way….

img_0296 img_0301 img_0527 img_0300 img_0282We kinda rushed the end part as we decided to take part in a ‘Show Girl Do’ bit of fun backstage with the lovely Dawn! With a selection of other apprehensive gals we shyed away to the edges not sure what to expect. After 10 minutes Dawn has us dancing around in faux feather boas, learning silly routines and giving alot of “tits and teeth”. Very funny, flirty and silly! Dawn not only is a 50’s/60’s singer/entertainer, she also does hen dos and on the day dances etc! Check out her website to find out more, she was a hoot!

So there you have it, a really cute day with my girls and a really cute wedding fair especially as I do believe it was the first of it’s kind! Well done Doily Days and The Vintage Parade!