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First things first, apologies for the lateness of this post. I won’t go into it now but it’s been one of those months.

So we find ourselves another month on and another month closer to our ‘I Do’s’. As promised this post is going to be all about our engagement shoot with our wonderful wedding photograper. I mentioned in my last post that Hayley Savage (photographer extraordinaire) offered us a pre wedding shoot and having seen the images we got back, I am so so happy we said yes!

Hayley and I chatted before the shoot and discussed what we were after. We had a secret Pinterest board which you can see here (it’s no longer secret) and I think this was so very helpful as we both went into the photoshoot with a really clear plan in mind.

Prior to the shoot I’d done a little location scouting around Southsea and I’d chosen 3 locations to base our shoot around. The grassy beach lands near Eastney, The Rose Garden & the Hotwalls. We also managed to sneak in a few little extra spots along the way like under the pier and by canoe lake.

We did the shoot on the 23 Nov, a couple of days before our 8 month count down (where we celebrated with Italian food and Fantastic Beasts) and it was a lovely way to celebrate our now monthly date nights.

I can’t express how happy we both are with the photos. Hayley has managed to capture ‘us’, I had the hardest task choosing which ones to share with you all as there are so many lovely ones. I’m not the most confident in front of a camera so to have this many images of myself that I not just like but love is astounding!

I’m stop waffling on now and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a photographer I can’t speak highly enough of Hayley, and if you’re engaged and wondering wether to do a pre wedding shoot or not, do it!! Definitely, 100% do it! Not only do we have these beautiful mementos to treasure forever but it’s made me so much more relaxed about the real deal photos!!

Anyway I hope you like them… Please let me know what you think!! I’ll do another post soon about the invites, suits, rings and other things we’ve been thinking about in the last month! p.s., final warning… there’s a lot of images!!


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