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So I decided I should do a couple of posts this month (bonus wedding stuff people… whoop) I couldn’t have possibly written about anything else on the last post as I felt 1) the photos deserved their own platform, and 2) it would have been cruel to bombard you with anything more!

Thank you for the kind words though and all of you who had a little snoop! It makes us very happy! I also received an extra bit of exciting news from the awesome Hayley… An international wedding blog has picked up the photos and is going to feature them in January! Ekk! How exciting!!!!

So anyway…. enough of that…. let me update you on what we’ve been doing this month!

1 – First up, and as promised a month or so back our ‘extra info’ has officially gone out (which was very exciting) It all seems to have gone down well and we received the highest praise when I heard via the wife of wedding guest, friend and professional wedding photographer that he couldn’t think of anything else that he needed to ask us! Whoop! Does that mean we did the wedding invite impossible and cracked the code of the invite/info?? I doubt it, but hey, we gave it a darn good shot! Let me fill you in what we included (warning you may way to get a cup of tea to hand, we may be here a while)

Firstly the important stuff like addresses of venues, directions to get to those venues and advice to use public transport if possible (due to Brighton’s pricey parking costs!) Oh and info/an option to jump on the party bus to/from the reception

Then we did a whole thing on accommodation… suggestions on hotels (both in Brighton and Steyning) and for those that don’t like hotels advice on AirBnB and options of camping at the reception venue for those bohemian types.

We then did a whole double page spread on top tips – phone numbers, suggestions to bring cash, to have a big breakfast, bring flat shoes etc etc etc (who knew there was so much to tell people!?)

Then, let me think…. A gift list thing…. This was a tricky one but in the end we gave 3 suggestions, make us something, buy vintage, or donate to our honeymoon via Patchwork It ( a clever customisable website where you can ask for things (of different money value) rather the just cash contributions – you can check it out here if you’re interested… It’s really rather clever!)

We also did a suggestion on what to wear (For the ladies…but also the boys too) so people could know the colour palette (if they want to blend in – something I like to do for other peoples wedding) and also suggestions on the vibe of the day and level of dressy up-ness… ie, go for it at the bandstand, but feel free to kick off your heels for the reception kind of advice. I’d heard horror stories of people going to weddings and being stuck with stilettos all day, or being cold in the evening due to being outdoorsy so I thought I’d help where possible.

The last thing we shared was a rough itinerary for the day so people had an idea of what the plan was (especially helpful for those with little ones – there are a lot of little people attending)

So there you have it! (I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a lot was I?) the designing of it was really fun and again I wanted to create the magic of a fun little package arriving so had designed a roll-fold package where all the goodies could lie within…. enough talk…. let me share with you some pics…

dscf6473 dscf6474 dscf6475 dscf6478 dscf6480 dscf6482 dscf6484 dscf6489 dscf6494 dscf6501 dscf6504 dscf6509

So there you go… what do you think?

2 – This last month has also been majorly focussed on well dressed boys! We decided to dress all the boys differently rather then attempting to dress them the same; allowing their individual personalities to shine through and hopefully getting something that they’ll wear again out of the experience!

This process hasn’t been as easy as I first imagined… (Now I’m going to share a geeky bride secret here) I even had to make up a photoshop composite of the boys to figure out what they could wear! haha. We’ve gone for lots of autumnal tones; greens, browns, greys, burgundies and creams… so with this mismatched colour scheme in mind the mock up helped me visualise the collective boys get ups.

I dont want to show you exactly what we’ve gone for but instead thought I’d share with you a few inspirations from my secret wedding related pinterest board!


262759_give-the-groom-a-real-cake screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-17-15



blazer-waistcoat-long-sleeve-shirt-chinos-belt-large-6291 screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-15-35Sources: one | two | three | four | five | six

As you can see.. we’re going for lots of tweeds, wool mixes and laid-back vibes. We’re trying on things this afternoon with my dad and the best man so fingers crossed things start coming together soon! eek

Talking of best man’s did I mention that Maxwell asked his nephew Jasper to be bestman? We found this beautiful vintage silk bow tie in a local vintage shop and gifted it to Jasper along with a card… Luckily he said yes!


3 – Lastly we have also started to think about our wedding bands and have booked a date in January (on our 6month count down) with my jeweller friend Sarah Macrae to make them ourselves. Ekkk! Maxwell, not being a jewellery wearing kind of man would like a beat up brass coloured band and to match, I have decided to have the same colour too. Because of the size of my vintage engagement ring, and after chats with bestie and fellow bride-to-be Miss Hayden, I have decided to wear my wedding band on my middle finger and keep the engagement ring on my ring finger where it belongs! To tie the old (engagement) and the new (wedding) rings together I thought I would also see if i could find a vintage marcasite eternity band to wear alongside my wedding ring!

Here are a couple of inspiration pics…





screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-14-19-21 Sources: one | two | three

So there you have it…. Another month down. I can’t believe that when I do the next post we’ll have been engaged a whole year!! Where has that time gone???

Till next time…. x