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Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a bit of a thing about Christmas… Putting up the tree, dressing the house, unwrapping all the decorations… I love the traditions you make and the way it makes you feel. Corny yes, but who the hell cares…

I had planned to do this series throughout December but got a bit delayed but I thought better late then never, and who knows, maybe I’ll continue the tradition next year when things are a bit calmer and I’m a bit more prepared!

The idea is simple, I’d share with you all not only my Christmas style but the variety of festive styles adopted by my very stylish friends… from Kitsch to tropical I think I’m covering all grounds.

I asked my girls to share a few pics and answer a few questions and it only seems fair that I get the ball rolling…

So here goes:

2016 Theme:

This year I’d describe our theme as beautiful & classic. We’ve got a very limited and warm colour range including mustards, metallics and whites with wood, glass and brass. I think it’s my favourite ever!!!!


Describe your festive style?

I like to think over the years my festive style has evolved and changed as I have. I believe it’s now quite refined and a true reflection of what I love most. I’d say I’m quite classic with our festive decor but I include a mix of vintage and modern items which sit harmoniously together. I don’t have a lot of colour but it’s very warm and inviting… crisp white clean lines alongside warming brass and mustard pieces.


Favourite decoration & why?

Oh now that’s a tricky one as I have so many. I brought some gorgeous new baubles this year including a huge etched rose gold one which I adore. There’s also our hand blown Mickey Mouse bauble which we brought last year at The Magic Kingdom when we got engaged so that’s pretty special and as I lost my granddad a few weeks ago I also brought a granddad star for him so sentimentally that’s really special now.

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When does your tree go up?

1st of December if possible, then I can spend the rest of the month fussing and tweaking things! haha



Do you DIY anything?

Yes, there are quite a few little DIY things around the house… my newest and most favourite addition is my cream and gold woollen tassels for the tree!



Who does the decorating in your house?

The boy helps with the tree and the lights and maybe the first few decorations then is happy to sit back and let me get on with it (which suits me fine – haha)


On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Christmas? 

Oh a definite 10… I’ve always loved christmas and then my boy went and proposed last year on christmas day so made it even more special!


Anything else you want to share?

Being away last year, as lovely as it was, has made being home this year even more special. I’ve gone all out this year and as well as the tree I’ve also decorated other areas of the house more then I ever have before, the fireplaces in the lounge and bedroom, the sideboards and the hallway… It’s like a festive wonderland in our home and I know it’ll feel so bare come January!

Plus who else adores wrapping presents??????



So there you have it…. that’s me. Next up I’ll share my beautiful friend Anna Zizzou’s…. get ready for a 50’s kitsch explosion!