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For today’s Christmas style post I’d like to introduce my beautiful friend Mrs Anna Zizzou…








2016 Theme:

I think you could sum up our festive home decor as ’50s kitschmas!’


Describe your festive style?

A white vintage tree with original 50s pastel and bright baubles mixed with a few modern kitsch ones. Most of the old ones have come from charity shops and car-boot sales. (*Buying out of season is a great tip for getting vintage ones super cheap)

Favourite decoration & why?

Every year I fall back in love with with my decorations and unwrapping each one fills me with so much happiness.
I love all of my baubles especially all together (even off the tree) so would be hard pushed to pick a favourite although I really love the collection of colourful 50s snowy trees that belonged to my grandparents! I love to think how many trees most of the baubles have adorned before and how many presents they’ve seen unwrapped.


When does your tree go up?

The past few years our tree has gone up on the 1st of the December. My brothers birthday is on December 17th so growing up we always put our tree up after that so his birthday still felt like his birthday rather than Christmas.

Instead we used to drive around in the evenings looking at other peoples trees and decorations to feel festive and I always knew that as an adult I would want to put my tree up in the beginning of December for others to come and marvel at.


Do you DIY anything?

This year I made some bauble wreaths for the first time using a mixture of old and modern baubles bought from our local charity shop.

I really enjoyed making them and working out the perfect composition. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love them!



Anything else you want to share?

My most treasured and delicate baubles always live at the top of the tree, where as the stronger or newer kitsch ones hang lower down to try and survive another year in the hands (paws) of the cats.

I also had to share Anna’s amazing wrapping paper skills this year… would you just look at them?!? She got black paper and drew on decorations in pink, green and white! They looked just stunning under her retro white tree!

img_1679 img_1678

So there you go, another day, another stunning festive style! I don’t know about you but I am loving this series and wish I’d started it early… I think I’ll definitely be doing a follow up series next year!!! I’m just about to draft tomorrow’s post which will be a tropical explosion…. I can’t wait!