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Hello again, welcome back!


So for my second and final inspirational Christmas Style post I’m sharing with you super stylish gorgeous mummy friend Chloe (aka the magpie mother) and her babe of a daughter Miss Iris




img_1790My Festive Style- I would describe it as simple and chic with a lot of different metallics and a mix of modern and vintage inspired decorations. I think I have discovered the perfect style for our home and tastes which is a reflection of our families’ overall style. It feels more grown up and edited with some fun quirkiness still thrown in for good measure. This is mine and the hubbys 10th Christmas together and our 9th Christmas tree. We have gone through the over excited buying of decorations in the first few years to now finding a style that we love and a collection that I am excited to add to each year.

Fave decoration and why?

This is hard as I am such a magpie and I love many of our decorations for various reasons.

Am going to cheat and share a few of my faves. This silver martini glass, the Swarovski Crystal bauble, and the Posh Poddle – img_1778 img_1777Chicness, Sparkle and Quirk.









Did you DIY?

Not so much this year. Christmas has caught us by surprise a little bit this year. It has snuck up on us. I do have these fab pussy willow branches that I brought last year and my mum told me not to put them in water so they last and a year on they still make a fab, simple-yet effective display.




Who does the decoration?
It is a joint effort. Mr K is sent up the loft and does the heavy lifting. He normally does the lights then I go round after him and tweak them. I do most of the decorating and he does the lights outside. Iris has her own little tree in her bedroom so the girls decorate that together which they absolutely love to do.







On a scale of 1-10 How much do you love Christmas?
Oh we are way over the scale. We are completely in love with all the magic of the season and since having children this has just exploded. Iris is a true believer and the way her face lights up when we talk about Father Christmas, I cannot wait to see her on Christmas morning. We have brought her a wooden playhouse in the garden that Mr K has been styling up. We have a ribbon with a key that starts in her room and trails through the house into the garden until they find the house. Eeeekkk cannot wait!!



Anything else you would like to share-

Miss Iris saw me taking photos of our tree and decorations and I told her what I was up to she wanted me to ask about her tree so here she goes…

Describe your tree- it is pink and has a snowiness to it. The lights are pink which are very cool and I get to choose a decoration every year with Mummy. We just brought this doughnut and ice-cream one.









My favourite decoration is my Elsa one and mummy likes this reindeer one. Matilda takes them off though and we have to put them back on.

img_1783 img_1784So there you go… I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series I know I have so I’d love to do it again next year (maybe a bit earlier next year too! haha)

Wishing you all a wonderful day and a HUGE thanks to all my gorgeous girls who shared their stunning festive styles with me! You’re all fab!