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For once I’m actually drafting this post early, which is a rare rare thing. It’s Christmas Eve Eve and the boy and I are chilling, the Hobbit is on the TV, he’s playing with some lego and I’m sat, feet up on the sofa catching up on my blog.

It’s moments like these that make me realise how lucky I am. To find someone who you can totally be yourself with, is a beautiful thing. I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing with him and be utterly happy!

So, another 27th rolls around and this one, of all the dates we’ve celebrated seems so much more important and poignant! It was pretty much a year ago to the day that my love got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I still smile when I think about that moment and how utterly happy I was. I won’t repeat the whole tale but will direct you back to here if you want to see how he did it or just want to re-read our engagement story! (check out our gorgeous engagement bauble below – I love it!!)


We’ll be celebrating the 27th of December by spending the day with my future family-in-law and the eve with a date night out in Winchester. This monthly date night has really helped us mark the passing of time and ensured that however busy we are, or what ever is going on we always make time for one another. I think it will be a tradition we continue into our married life and something I will recommend to everyone. 12 dates a year doesn’t sound like much does it, but with all the other general shenanigans of life I think it’s important to make time for one another, and if you can do more, just the two of you great, if not, put everything into those monthly dates… Have no distractions, no one else there, just you two.

This month has been an odd one… I have always loved December and Christmas, even more so since Maxwell proposed on Christmas Day so I couldn’t wait for this month and all that it would bring. What I wasn’t expecting was the death of my dearly beloved Granddad. We all knew he was ill, he had been for a while and we all knew this day would come but still, when the time came, it still 100% knocked the wind from my sails and threw me off track. My Granddad always had this amazing positivity and sparkle in his eye and when that went away it felt like I lost some of my sparkle too. Rather then singing along to Christmas songs as I normally would, I found myself getting teary listening to the lyrics instead. I’ve been trying to keep it all together for the last 2 weeks, bottling up all this emotion that on Tuesday when we finally had his funeral I lost it quite a bit.  Doing a reading with my bro and cousin was the hardest part along with laying his buttonhole on the casket which I’d already made for him.

Through all this though Maxwell has been an utter rock. Holding my hand in the early hours of the morning as we sat round his hospice bed, not saying anything when I was snappy and miserable to him, wiping tears from my eyes after the service and making me smile when all I wanted to do was cry. It is these moments, more then anything that mean the most in a relationship. Don’t give me a man who buys expensive gifts, instead give me a man who will kiss my tears away and return a smile to my lips. Whilst I’m devastated that my Granddad won’t be with us on our special day in person, I am even more in love with the man I get to spend the rest of my life with and know Granddad will be there in spirit wishing us well!


The last year of planning our wedding together has been so very fun and I can’t wait for 2017. It’s the year that I will finally be able to call this beautiful man my husband and hopefully we will find our first real home together and all of this feels me with hope and happiness.

I’m sorry if this post seems a little sad but I wanted to be truthful, life has it’s ups and it’s downs and that’s what life is all about. So often with social media we only share a half truth, we only tend to share to good but during times of sadness I thiknk you need to be honest.

On the flip side, and with a more positive look at things let me tell you how plans have been progressing… Obviously we’ve not had much of a chance to do a lot, with Christmas and everything else but we have now sorted all but 1 of the boys outfits and they all look great! (yay) and my beautiful Mumma and I have also started making marvellous progress on my dress. On our last day together we both got very excited as for the first time it really started to resemble a dress!!! ekkkkkk!!!!

Also I discovered these pics during a phone clear out that I had excitedly snapped whilst Maxwell and I were prepping our invite bundles and couldn’t not share them… As January rolls around we will be working on our evening invites, finalising food options and will start pulling together order of services and everything else. I can’t wait for it, and 2017!