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Well, another year and another Christmas with my love – done. Being home this year was lovely and especially special after being away last year. It also seemed a whole lot more poignant as it marked a whole year since Maxwell proposed which was pretty magical too!

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I think as we were home this year I went all out with dressing the house and created (in my personal opinion) my most festive decor to date! In addition to the tree (which looked blooming gorgeous) I also went to town and decorated the sideboard, hallway, and 3 fireplaces (our bedroom, lounge and basement)

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You can read a little more about my style and inspiration here, and I’ll share a few more pics!

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Over the month of December we got up to quite a few festive festivities which was lovely but we made sure we made time to have some important one to one time too! We spent the majority of Christmas day together (doing a teeny Veggie Christmas Dinner for 2) and were joined in the afternoon by my lovely Mumma!

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After a lazy start we showered, made some avocado toast and opened some stockings in bed. This is a tradition I love of ours… we (over) fill two stockings with a mix of cheap and cheerful gifts, many of which are from vintage/second hand shops… We also tend to use our stocking for all those middle type pressies saving only the biggest and best for under the tree. We also comically speedy fill our stockings whilst the other is out of the room… if we’re like this now, I can only imagine what we’ll be like when we have actual kids! haha

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After stockings we headed into the lounge, turned the tree lights on and put on Christmas classic; Home Alone. We also spent quite a lot of time playing on Maxwell’s new fave pressie, an 80’s Tetris game which we managed to plug into the tv via his equally 80’s VCR player! haha



We called some family and replied to festive messages from loved ones and then cracked on with our Christmas meal. We’d been good and done some prep before hand so it wasn’t too much work, Maxwell was in charge of the Roast Pots and Gravy, I took care of everything else.

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We started with some breaded brie and homemade cranberry sauce (which was delish) had about an hour break (time for pressies and a bit of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’) then it was time for the the main… For our veggie main we made a layered vegetable crumble (stuffing, roasted butternut squash, wilted spinach & cashew nuts topped with a herby crumble and pine nut topping) roasted pots & parsnips, fig & balsamic red cabbage, roasted carrot mash, asparagus, green beans, yorkshire puds and a couple of cheeky pigs in blanket (I’m a meat eater so this is a small must of mine)

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With a Christmas cheers to a years engagement and full bellies we headed back to the lounge and put our feet up. Gifting continues and I surprised Maxwell with his main present, (2 tickets for The Cursed Child – ekkk) and I received lots of lego, just what every girls wants!!

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Later, joined my Mumma (who we rightly spoilt with champagne and a few pressies) out came the cheese and crackers and the official Christmas chill commenced. Maxwell also gave me my main present (which I can’t wait to use) He’d made me my own giant loom so I can make all our macrame and woven pieces for the wedding! Boy did good!!!

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Our day finished how many others did I’m sure… A full house (our fab housemate Ed joined us), a great film on the tv (Lady in the Van for us), continued grazing on cheese and a game of cards against humanity!! We collapsed into bed content and full of love and happiness.

Boxing Day was spent in true British fashion: playing with new toys and a walk to a pub! Bubble and Squeak for Breakfast and Christmas Pud and left over cheese for dinner!

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So there you have it, another spectacular Christmas (our 5th one together) I’m sat here after spending the day de-Christmassing the house and whilst I’m always sad when the decorations are gone, the house feels like it can breathe a deep breath again and we can all start getting excited for 2017 and all the good things it will involve!