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Well, we’ve made it; officially the year that I marry my love! How very very exciting!!

Ask any 2017 bride-to-be and she’ll tell you that the moment you cheered ‘Happy New Year’ it suddenly feels like you’ve got soooooooo much to do…. Maybe it’s the fact you can now say “we’re getting married this year” that fuels this urge to get stuff done? But what ever the reason… There’s been a huge sense of urgency over the last month… and what a month it’s been!!

So…. What have we been up to…? Well for one, I created the worlds biggest to-do list (Oh… The joys of having a mainly DIY approach) and we’ve been efficiently working our way through it I’m proud to add!!

The boys suits are all sorted! Hurray!!! Not something I predicted would a bit of a headache but getting the perfect mis-matched look was more challenging then I imagined… I’m happy to report that they are all sorted though, all happy with their outfits and they all look blooming gorgeous! yay!

Maxwell has been super busy getting Kermit (our wedding car) looking gorgeous too. Our basement comically looks like a car garage as various car parts are being lovingly stripped back, primed and painted a beautiful forest green! I love that he’s putting so much effort into making sure our wedding ride is perfect… I know boys can sometimes feel a little left out in the whole wedding prep game, but I really think that Maxwell is really interested in playing his part and making sure his input is apparent and evident too! What a lovely man I’ve bagged myself!

We’ve also sorted our evening invites… I’ll share some pics next month so not to ruin the surprise to any guests that are yet to receive one. Like with our day guests we’ve kept the evening guest list small and intimate… I’m so happy we’ve done this as I know everyone there is a true part of our lives. I’m not sure how many will come (being that it’s in the middle of nowhere on a Thursday night) but these extra people have been a part of Maxwell and my lives and I want them to know that. They shall be heading into the postbox tomorrow morning! eekk!!

I’ve also made a start hemming our napkins (no small task trust me) For the last year I have been collecting a variety of vintage fabric to use. My thought was it would add a bit of individuality to the table but also that I would be able to keep them after to use at home and maybe hire out (more on that later) I’m currently half way through and I’m so happy with how they’re looking!


We’ve also been busy sorting gifts for our nearest and dearest. I’m SO excited with my gift for Maxwell, obviously I won’t say what it is on here (on the off chance he pops by to check what I’ve been saying) but it’s PERFECT!!! The rest of the crew are getting a mix of handmade or vintage items! I also got super prepared as I gift wrapped all the mini maids pressies ready to go! How cute do they look??

dscf8090 dscf8094

Finally, the other big thing we’ve done is we made our wedding rings!!!! ekkkkk!!

I’ve been looking forward to doing this for ages and it didn’t disappoint! We spent the day with the awesome Sarah Macrae. I have known Sarah for about 10 years through my work and she’s an amazing designer jeweller. Sarah invited us to her home studio were we spent the most enjoyable day making each others wedding bands. I was a little unsure what I’d go for because of the size and shape of my engagement ring, but after chatting to my bestie and bride-to-be Miss Hayden she suggested why didn’t I go for another finger. So simple!! haha… It’s so easy to get caught up in what you ‘should’ do… it’s sometimes hard to see another simple option which is right in front of your face! So with this in mind I started thinking about what I wanted…. Maxwell had seen a ring (dirty rose-gold beat-up looking thing with grooves round the edges) which he’d kinda decided he wanted. I didn’t really mind which metal my ring was, as long as it matched Maxwell. So rose gold it was… Having said that I also wanted something that would also talk to my engagement ring, so I decided to buy a vintage marcasite eternity band (found on etsy) to sit alongside my wedding ring.


So, decisions made and gold brought it was time to start making. With my job I kinda know the process and have made rings before but for Max it was a first time experience! Sarah was brilliant, she talked us through each step then left us to get on with it which was super lovely too. We started by making sure the wire strips were the right length, Maxwell went for 6x2mm D shape, mine was 2mm square wire. Once we’d got the length right and ends were filed flat, it was time to start bending it round into a as much of a ring shape as possible… when it wouldn’t go any more we annealed the metal to make it more pliable. Ends now touching it was time to solder the join.

dscf8159 dscf8162 dscf8168 dscf8170 dscf8176

After a spot of lunch (with homemade bread I might add) it was time to get the rings to fit…. this was the most time consuming part, using a mandrel and a rawhide mallet we bashed and bashed until the rings were perfectly round and flat!

dscf8179 dscf8181 dscf8185 dscf8195 dscf8205

Then for Maxwell the time to polish had come… He did such a good job and my ring is seamless and so beautiful. It sits perfectly alongside the marcasite eternity ring, I’m pretty proud of my boy… he did good!

dscf8211 dscf8237

I didn’t have it quite so easy! After getting Maxwell’s ring perfect and smooth it was time to create the grooved effect. I did this by making 2 smaller rings with 1.2mm round wire, filing the edges flat and then soldering them all together.

dscf8210 dscf8225 dscf8219 dscf8226 dscf8231

I think the hardest part was ensuring the inside of Maxwell’s ring was as perfect as he’d made mine, luckily, maxwell didn’t mind it looking a little homemade in the middle so after a hell of a lot of polishing I too was done!


Hooray!!! It was quite emotional at times, Something I hadn’t have anticipated. Making something so special, for the person you love most in the world is a very beautiful thing, continually trying rings on all day is also pretty cute! ha ha


So there you have it, after about 5 hours, a delicious lunch and a wonderful day spent with Sarah in her beautiful home & workshop, we headed off… We’d intentionally booked in the ring making for the 27/1/17 which marked our 6month count down. We ditched the diet for the evening and treated ourselves to dinner at Fez, a beautiful little turkish restaurant down a little side road in Petersfield. We shared a selection of starters and enjoyed a non alcoholic drink each (oh hey Dry January)


dscf8266 dscf8271 dscf8274So there you have it… if you’re a bride to be, who’s not got their wedding bands yet I would 100% recommend making yours own, and if you’re looking for a jeweller then 100% go speak to Sarah, I can’t recommend her enough!!! We had such fun, and we’re both super proud of what we made. I want to wear mine all the time, but for now, it’s living in my engagement ring box with Maxwells where it’ll live for the next 6 months (only occasionally being taken out and tried on! ha ha)

so, till next time, this Bride-to-be is signing off! x