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I know I know, I am spectacularly late with last months post… In the past month, in addition to our own wedding prep I’ve also managed to squeeze in helping to organise 2 hen dos (not my own) a family do (my own) having a birthday, attending a hen do, Niece’s Birthday, working and trying not to be a lousy friend/fiance.

Sometimes juggling everything that needs juggling can be a bit hard and you find yourself working till 11.30pm each night and blogging before 8am in the morning trying to fit it all in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m blessed to be able to do all that I am doing, I’m just saying that when things are this busy you gotta go a bit easier on yourself and ask for help when needed.

Some sound advice for any bride to be out there! We all lead such frantic lives at the best of time that when you throw 1 (or 3) big other events into the mix you’re going to, at times, feel like not enough butter over too much bread.

Thats being said, take advantage of how your brain seems to be working 110%, use those brainwaves which strike at bizarre times, take those good ideas and put them to good use, use those quiet early mornings, when normally you’d be having a lie in (but you can’t because you brain is going over your to-do list at 30mph) to do something productive. Most importantly take time out every now and again and accept help when it’s offered!!!

With all that out the way, we have been able to do some small bits for the wedding prep this this month (well technically last month, but well you know…)

Let me update you….

Work on the dress is still going really well… Mumma Lo has been amazing, sewing through the nights to hand sew all the trimmed edges of my gown and we now have something that’s really starting to resemble a completed dress! eekkkk…. The first time we pulled all the elements together was pretty exciting! (it’s all getting real now)

Proper construction on the mini’s is all coming together too and I’m not even bragging they are going to be the most adorable group of mini’s ever!!! haha…

Something new that we did last month, which was something we were quite excited about, was doing tin cans, you know, like to hang from the back of the car. We headed to the Mediterranean Supermarket and stocked up on different sized cans. Stripped off the labels and sprayed them all a brassy gold colour. We then handed them out, with instructions to our most creative / artistic friends and family and now eagerly await their return…

  Cute huh?? I can’t wait to see what we get back….

Here are a few of our inspiration pics…

 Another huge thing that I did last month was had my make up trial. I mentioned last month that after a lot of time ummming and ahhing I made the decision to have my make done for me…. some things are best left in the hands of the professionals and in this case my face definitely was! Haha! Friend and MUA Naomi Lake came to join me and Mumma Lo as we spent a fun day playing about with the biggest makeup kit you ever did see!

You can see my wedding inspiration Pinterest board here. I wanted a really fresh, dewy skin, nothing to heavily contoured or chiseled, warm tones on my eyes and a dark berry lip.

A few of my face inspirations first…




And on to my trial… Naomi was fab and let me change my mind and keep playing about till things were right… I also had it done early on in the morning so was able to see how it lasted and get feedback from Maxwell…

There are a few things I might tweak for the actual day i.e., all my inspiration pics and the ones I really liked didn’t have eyeliner, so we thought lets try without, but I didn’t realise how that little thing that I do each morning is part of the thing that makes me feel like me. Without it I didn’t feel quite right. Even Maxwell mentioned it looked a little unfinished… if even the boys think it’s not quite there, then it needs sorting. So on the day the Ami eyeliner will be back in place.

Also I’m still not 100% on my lips… the hunt continues for the perfect long-lasting treatment but I got some fab suggestions from my Facebook Love My Dress Belles group! (what would I do without them!?)

It also got me to thinking about how many brides abandon their usual look, and instead of looking like them (in a wedding dress) just become ‘the bride’. Why, on the most important day of my life would I even think not to do something I do everyday, it’s just silly right?! But again it’s easy to get caught up in what you ‘should’ be doing, what’s bridal etc. I say forget all of that, go with what makes you happy and feel like you. Maxwell’s biggest fear was that I wouldn’t look like me and isn’t that sad, that the guy you’re marrying loves you everyday, make up free and dodgy home attempts so on your wedding day if you suddenly rock up with HD brows and contoured skin he’s going to be like ‘where’s my girl?’

Let that be a lesson to us all… don’t loose ‘you’ in the journey to become a Mrs!

One more thing I want to share this month is that our engagement pics by the lovely Hayley Savage were picked up the the fantastic Doily Days wedding magazine. The lovely Helen asked me if I could share a few of the pics and some musings from a bride to be. So I did just that and it’s so lovely to see them in print!! 

Thank you Helen and if you haven’t seen Doily Days yet, you must!!! It’s an amazing inspirational wedding guide and it’s free!! FREE… that’s gonna speak to all brides I know!!

You can read the latest magazine, which we’re featured in here

Thanks again lovely Helen!! It was so lovely seeing our photos and words in print!! 

Anyway, I’ll keep it short this month as I have a million other things to do this month!

Till next time xxx