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Hello Friends, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet this month… March/April has flown by in a blink of an eye and it’s been a busy month for me and Maxwell! I now find myself nearing the end of April and I’m still playing catch up.

I first drafted this post whilst chilling out at my future in-laws for a weekend of R&R in preparation of my birthday week (more on that later) but I’m glad to inform you I have managed to squeeze in a bit of fun amongst the business.

A few months back my gorgeous friend Kelly asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, something I was beyond touched by! Kelly is one of those gals who’s style is very much in tune with mine so I was super excited about her upcoming nuptials. If anyones wedding was going to be a kin to mine, it would be Kelly & Charlie’s….. ekkk!!

Last year Kelly accompanied me, my MOH Onion, Mumma Lo, fellow bestie Becca (which I’m also BM for) and her beautiful Mumma Carolyn as we did our first wedding wedding fair experience together. (you can read about it here) A year later (where did that time go?) and this time it was my job to accompany Kelly as she got inspired for her big day.

Having been two years on the trot it was fascinating to see how things had moved on in a year, and also some favourites return traders… The main thing that struck me this year was that pink is big business for 2017/2018 brides!

There was also an overwhelming feeling of love, which for a wedding fair is pretty fair game!! As soon as we walked into the Truman Brewery we were once again transported into world of alternative wedding wonderment! Again like last year Most Curious was a breath of fresh air and everyone was so blooming lovely (It must be a requirement on the trader booking form or something)

So… enough of the chit chat, let me show you some pics and things that caught my eye… (I’ll share links to companies and suppliers below!)

First up, divine florals and fabrics by Pom Pom Blossom and cakey goodness because lets be honest no one likes a wedding fair without a free cake sample (or 4). These tasty morsels from Claire Owen Cakes set the bar pretty high!! (and you can see what I mean about the pink already can’t you!?!

2017 still remained a beautiful bohemian nod to all things vintage inspired, individual and quirky!! From amazing dresses & accessories from Halfpenny London and Tilly Thomas Lux, to sweet french treats from Jaques & Lilie and gorgeous Animalesque handmade headwear!

Pops of colour and a spot of rock and roll were nestled amongst the bohemian, much to Kelly’s delight. Gorgeous neon blooms by FROG Floral Artistry and cake offerings inspired by musical heroes from Ginger & the Whisks. Even Clara Francis Jewellery was getting in on the act with headbands Ziggy Stardust would’ve been proud to wear!

A big shout out is also deservered to the glamourous ladies of PORTRAITS Hair & Make up stall for being so lovely, giving us product tips and a lesson on how to correctly do a halo braid!

Also the extremely dapper chap from Topman Personal Shopping who was the best dressed man there and gave us free bowties for our boys!

It was then time to grab ourselves a Pink Drink, a Pink Front Row seat and settle down for the very pink catwalk show (should I be concerned there’s no pink in my wedding???)

The end of the catwalk was a flurry of tactile pink florals which mimicked the cascading flowers at the other end! It was enough to make us all feel very girly as we sipped out raspberry filled Pinkster Gin complimentary VIP cocktail!!

The first show was MODERN DISCO and that is was… sequins, faux fur, jumpsuits and you guessed it, lots of pink…

Bar a bit of a wait and an annoyingly placed ladder backstage (I couldn’t be bothered to edit it out… sorry) the first show was great and offered up lots of alternative options for a 2017/2018 bride wanting something a little something different.

After a couple of group shots from the girls it was on to more stalls, more cake and more treats for the eyes…

Scenes and Stories had a lust-worthy stall and even had trails of tassels something I’m currently making for our big day! (great minds think alike eh?!) There’s was a stall of Moroccan inspired styling items for hire and if anyone ever wants to throw me a party feel free to speak to the lovely Jenny!! There was also some more amazing cakes by Lucie Bennett… her samples were insanely good and we totally wanted to be greedy and try one of everything!!!

I also spotted the amazing Leoni Blue Photography who I worked with a million years ago on a Mia Mai shoot! Small world! ❤

We turned the corner and were met with stall upon stall of amazing florists, styling and decor traders… Lula & Rye, The Wild Fox & Friend of Faux. (all the heart eye emoji’s)

Then it was time to grab another FROW crushed velvet blush chaise longue and get ready for the second show of the day, ‘LAID BACK AND ALMOST FAMOUS’… another nod to the late 70s with lots of customised jackets on show…

Sorry… I was quite click happy wasn’t I!? haha! A few more group shots an off we went again…

From there we checked out some more gorgeous florists and a unique idea for updating the light up letters trend…

After that we stepped into a little bohemian haven… 

This stall was stunning and I’m so sad we missed Natalie of Curious Fair as her headdresses, masks and dried florals were simply stunning!!!!!

I want to make some feather crowns for my minis to play dress up in and this 100% confirmed my idea and made me definitely want to do it! Gorgeous!!!!

Something that really struck me this year was the gorgeousness of the stalls displays… this little nook of Make-up in Orangeries, Leonard Garland and The Fire Pit Camp was lust-worthy and so very pretty!

I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Helaina Storey who I met via the Love My Dress FB group and have followed her journey from wedding planning to beautiful bride and now a successful wedding design business! Being that this is something I am wanting to do once I’m a Mrs it was a pleasure to meet Helaina and chat about her business and how its going!

This year the fair had grown and almost doubled in size… there was a whole other room with an extra 40 odd traders…. By this point we were starting to flag (definfintely should have gone for food and come back) but like the first room this too was jam packed with amazing traders and treats for the eyes and tummies.

This scrumptious cake stall by Isobel Bakes was super cute and I adored her eclectic cake toppers and mix of florals!! beautiful

A few other things which caught my eye (if not my camera) was The Portrait Machine, a super fun alternative to a photobooth. An artist sat in a box who creates personal little illustrations of your guests and after a whirr and and whizz, pops the finished drawing out through a little slot. So funny!!!

Flowers & Foliage was also a unique gift idea for any bride who wants a keepsake. Stunning bespoke botanic artwork can be created depicting the brides bouquet!! so pretty!!

And finally The Mother Shuckers… who Kelly (oyster fan) was pretty happy to see! I stood by and watched her do her thing (oyster hater) And there you have it….

Another cracking experience at Most Curious, I’m hoping by next year I’ll have launched my new business so I have another reason to go again next year! Thank you Most Curious for again setting the alternative bridal fair bar so high and creating an oasis of inspiration in your very own pinktopia!!! Yay!

In no particular order some of the stalls that caught my eye and I’d like to share with you:

Friend of Faux | Claire Owen Cakes | Jacques & Lilie | Animalesque | Frog Floral Artistry | PORTRAITS | Scenes and Stories | Ginger and the Whisks | Topman Personal Shopping | Curious Fair | Leonard Garland | Leoni Blue Photography | Helaina Storey Wedding Design | Isobel Bakes | The Portrait Machine | Flowers & Foliage | Pom Pom Blossom | Fox Glove Studio | Blossom & Crumb | AM Faulkner | Halfpenny London | Tily Thomas Lux | Fox & Owl | Music by Kate and Dave | Eclectic Eccentricity | Calm amongst the Chaos| Howling Moon Headwear | Papier | Oh Squirrel | Natalie J Wedding Photography | Wedding Jam | The Wild Fox | Clara Francis Jewellery