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I’m having a huge clear out of my phone (does anyone else get continually told by apple that they don’t have enough space?!? Pfft-annoying) 

Anyway…. this has forced me to get a bit organised, clear out old whatsapp chats, upload stuff to Pinterest and do stupidly late non relevant posts on here…. sorry for that!! Haha!!! 

So a group of pics that fall into this category are pics from our Valentine’s Day together! I don’t want to just delete them so here I am, in May, doing a verrrrryyyyyy belated valentines post… haha 

Basically I will share a few picks I snapped from our morning where I gifted maxwell a few pressies…. I made him a photobox album of our engagement pics and brought him a 3yr Q&A book too!! 

I’ll let the pictures do the talking….. 

Cute huh?!?! 

If you’ve never used photobox before fear not!! It was my first time too and I found it really easy!! There are always discount codes flying round too so that helps the cost be really affordable!! I opted for an A4 lay flat design and loved it!!!! 

And how gorgeousdo our pics from Hayley look?!? Can’t wait for the wedding and all the wonderful pics we’ll get then too!! I’ll probably make another one then… I was so impressed with the quality!! If you want to have a play click here and have fun!!!