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You’ll have to forgive me for the lateness of this post but on the 27th of last month I was other wise engaged…. on my hen do!!!! Whoooop!!!! More on that later though…It’s also been a busy few weeks leading up to my best friends wedding yesterday (again more on that later)

I can’t believe that this is my second to last pre wedding series ever… how bizarre… where has that time gone?!?!

So…. what have we been up to in the last month? There’s been a lot more crafting and as we’ve entered June a big ol’ firework has been lit under the both our butts and there’s a sudden sense of urgency as our countdown has gone from ‘months away…’ to ‘weeks away…’ ahhhhh

We’ve been busy ensuring the little guests are throughly entertained throughout the day so have been collecting games and making dressing up items for them to enjoy.

We’re gonna make sure there’s a couple of footballs and a frisbee for the sporty ones and Mumma Lo is on the case making butterfly wings! (lets be honest which little girl doesn’t like dressing up) and with that in mind I’ve also made some cute little Native Indian-esq feather headdresses and some twirly whirly ribbon wands! (The photos are going to look adorable)

I also saw a cute idea on Pinterest of giving the littles disposable cameras so with that in mind I set a list of photo challenges and boxed them all up… I can’t wait to see what images they come up with… hopefully there’s some good ones in there amongst the photos of feet and blurry selfies! haha

Another little project I’ve been loving is collecting lots of old photos from our parents and grandparents from their wedding day… We’re going to have a little area in Miss Piggy for our guestbook and put them up in there, with some of our fave photos and some of my favourite love quotes, but for now they’re sat on my mantlepiece & looking gorgeous…

I’m also beyond excited that we have finally booked a few days away for our minimoon. I really wanted to disappear away for a few days after the big day and let everything sink in, away from chores, work, people, distractions etc. We’ve been a fan of Canopy & Stars for some time and we lucked out again with our minimoon.

We’re escaping to France for 5 nights and I cant imagine anything more beautiful & tranquil looking then this gorgeous place….

So in addition to that Maxwell is also plowing on with Kermit, our wedding car. Maxwell’s friend Pieter was over from Rotterdam last week and was able to help Maxwell start putting him back together again… How odd it’ll be to have our dining room back!! (it has resembled a car garage for months now) haha

Next week is my family do, which I’m beyond excited about! We’re off to Limewood for afternoon tea, which’ll be blooming lovely and I’ve given in to the fact that for the next 6 weeks (ahhhhhh) the house will be over taken with wedding stuff…. we have bridesmaid dresses hanging from the doors, petals drying in front of all the windows, boxes of decor being washed, dried and re packed…. it’s all starting to feel very real and quite exciting and having just attended another spectacular wedding the bar has been set even higher and I can’t blooming wait to wallow in my own bubble of ‘wedding’…. I’ll be back soon for our 1 month count down…… WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!/ ❤