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Super late again but as it’s my last official pre-wedding post you have to be nice and not mind. We’ve gone from saying months away, to weeks away and today I said 9 days away!!!! 9!!!!!!

I’m not going to lie we’ve both been feeling a little overwhelmed the last week or so (not helped by hormones doing their thing, lack of sleep, work being manic, brain being on overload and an accidental fall down the stairs) and for the first time in our 18months wedding planning journey we’ve both been feeling a little stressed.

The last few days have been better and I’ve nearly finished with work and the big jobs are getting ticked off… We’re getting there. but I’m not going to lie I’m ready for the wedding now, I want to marry my man and relax with my husband!!!

Maxwell has also been working so hard and we’re both so excited to see our day become a reality, all those hours and hours we’ve spent making and crafting and designing… we’ve utterly poured our hearts and souls into making the 27/7/17 a day we will remember, love and cherish always.

We’ve had our ups obviously… so many ups…. but in this last month we’ve had quite a few downs too… We found out our wedding hotel would be wrapped in scaffolding & opaque wrap, my MUA cancelled, My Uncle had a heart attack and he and my Auntie would be unable to come, I slipped and fell down the stairs and landed on a family heirloom of a cakestand… Fun huh?? We’ve had our fair share of mishaps in the last 30 days but it’s brought us closer and we’re coming out the other side.

We’ve come to terms with people not being able to come, we’ve dealt with delays and missing gifts… we’ve reorganised seating plans, sourced new suppliers, put plasters on cut bums and it’s all ok… A heads up that a DIY wedding is a lot of work, but it’s also wholey rewarding… stick with it. Be prepared, make a lot of lists, make sure you’re kind to yourself, get sleep when you can. Make time to kiss and check in with your other half and celebrate everything thing checked off that to-do list, hell, write down jobs you’ve just done just so you can tick them off!!!

So for the last pre wedding post I thought rather then dwell on the negatives we’ve encountered, I am instead going to be my optimistic self and thought I could share with you a few sneak peeks of things we’ve been working on…. I’m a bit too knackered to do a proper full detailed post but not wanting to miss out on my last wedding post as a Miss here’s some teasers for you….

So there you go… DIY confetti, handmade labels, immaculately put together engines, pre-planned table decor, wedding outfits ready to be returned, Wonderful new MUA’s, trinkets, treasures and hand painted signs….

So…. till next month I guess… I’m going to be missing in action for the next few weeks but I will be back, as Mrs Hyde and I promise I’ll share everything then…. xxxx