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I meant to share this last year but never got round to it, and in a phone clear out session I saw all the pics and felt sad I’d never share them so (although it’s technically December 2016) I thought I’d be all super prepared and share them in advance for 2017… 

This is how you have yourself a pumpkin carving party….

1, buy pumpkins

2, collect together all your pumpkins carving tools (scrapers/spoons/knives/stabby things etc) 

3, gather friends

4, give friends hot rum & cider punch

5, put on a Halloween play list

6, encourage pumpkin carving rivalry and healthy competition

7, finish and bask in glory of skills

8, take awesome pumpkins outside, fill with candle light and take a million photos

9, return inside and line up pumpkins in fireplace

10, put on cheesy Halloween film and feed friends warming food! 

So there you have it! Follow these simple steps and you’ll have yourself a ball!!! 🎃

Here’s some pics….