Christmas Style #5


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Hello again, welcome back!


So for my second and final inspirational Christmas Style post I’m sharing with you super stylish gorgeous mummy friend Chloe (aka the magpie mother) and her babe of a daughter Miss Iris




img_1790My Festive Style- I would describe it as simple and chic with a lot of different metallics and a mix of modern and vintage inspired decorations. I think I have discovered the perfect style for our home and tastes which is a reflection of our families’ overall style. It feels more grown up and edited with some fun quirkiness still thrown in for good measure. This is mine and the hubbys 10th Christmas together and our 9th Christmas tree. We have gone through the over excited buying of decorations in the first few years to now finding a style that we love and a collection that I am excited to add to each year.

Fave decoration and why?

This is hard as I am such a magpie and I love many of our decorations for various reasons.

Am going to cheat and share a few of my faves. This silver martini glass, the Swarovski Crystal bauble, and the Posh Poddle – img_1778 img_1777Chicness, Sparkle and Quirk.









Did you DIY?

Not so much this year. Christmas has caught us by surprise a little bit this year. It has snuck up on us. I do have these fab pussy willow branches that I brought last year and my mum told me not to put them in water so they last and a year on they still make a fab, simple-yet effective display.




Who does the decoration?
It is a joint effort. Mr K is sent up the loft and does the heavy lifting. He normally does the lights then I go round after him and tweak them. I do most of the decorating and he does the lights outside. Iris has her own little tree in her bedroom so the girls decorate that together which they absolutely love to do.







On a scale of 1-10 How much do you love Christmas?
Oh we are way over the scale. We are completely in love with all the magic of the season and since having children this has just exploded. Iris is a true believer and the way her face lights up when we talk about Father Christmas, I cannot wait to see her on Christmas morning. We have brought her a wooden playhouse in the garden that Mr K has been styling up. We have a ribbon with a key that starts in her room and trails through the house into the garden until they find the house. Eeeekkk cannot wait!!



Anything else you would like to share-

Miss Iris saw me taking photos of our tree and decorations and I told her what I was up to she wanted me to ask about her tree so here she goes…

Describe your tree- it is pink and has a snowiness to it. The lights are pink which are very cool and I get to choose a decoration every year with Mummy. We just brought this doughnut and ice-cream one.









My favourite decoration is my Elsa one and mummy likes this reindeer one. Matilda takes them off though and we have to put them back on.

img_1783 img_1784So there you go… I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series I know I have so I’d love to do it again next year (maybe a bit earlier next year too! haha)

Wishing you all a wonderful day and a HUGE thanks to all my gorgeous girls who shared their stunning festive styles with me! You’re all fab!

Christmas Style #4


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Happy Christmas!!!!! I hope you’re all having a magical day surrounded by those you love most. I’ve been all organised and lined my posts up for today so fret not, I am chilling out with my loved ones not stuck at a computer!

I thought it would fun to spoil you (it is Christmas after all) and give you a double whammy of Christmas Style posts today!


First up is my gorgeous friend Miss Kelly Hayden, super cool london gal pal and all round beauty. (plus her fab fiancé Charlie too of course!







2016 theme: The Nightmare Before “Fan-tacky” Christmas.

Describe your festive style: A mish-mash of traditional red and gold pieces, thrown together with some Christmas holiday souvenirs we’ve collected on our travels.

Favourite decoration and why: Tough question…But I think it has to be our Jack Skellington bauble. We picked it up while on holiday in Florida, along with Jack and Sally which sit on top of our tree every year, like little angels! However, we’ve recently come back from New Orleans where we picked up a beautiful Christmas “Merman” looking buff holding a daiquiri. Yes…a MERMAN with a DAIQUIRI!


When does your tree go up? Early as possible. Ideally the 1st December!

Every year we get a real tree & we love the smell of a real tree throughout the month!

We loving celebrating Christmas…so any excuse to get the decorations up early.

Do you DIY anything? We made our personalised Christmas Stockings a couple of years ago, and next year I’m determined to breakout the cross stitch and create something festive for the house.

Who does the decorating in your house? Realistically, I’m a “Christmas control freak” when it comes to decorations. Charlie will “hold” and I will “place”.

I think I have Obsessive Bauble Placement Disorder.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Christmas? Certainly a 10…We love the run up to it and and the excuses you can use, just “because it’s Christmas!!”

Anything else you wanna share? I don’t think I’m on my own when I say I love the “smell” of Christmas. I stock up on lots of Christmas Candles (spiced apple & cinnamon are my faves!) and buy in lots of Christmas flowers, plants and foliage. Along with a traditional Poinsettia, this year I’ve gone for eucalyptus and red berry stems, which smell amazing!!

img_1747Gorgeous huh?? I’ll give you an hour to go off and enjoy another mince pie then I’ll be back with my last Christmas Style post! Ho Ho Ho xx


Christmas Style #3


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Another day and Christmas is very nearly here…. Today you’re in for a real visual treat….

You may remember back in September I had the honour of dressing the reception of Mr & Mrs Reid, well if their wedding was anything to go by, I just knew their festive style would be equally amazing, and I was not wrong.


As soon as I spotted the first festive Instagram post from Kate she was on my list of people to contact, and I’m so glad she did, so here goes, let me introduce the beautiful Mrs Reid and her equally beautiful Christmas Style.




Describe your festive style:

This year it seems to be a modern tropical twist on traditional festive decor with lots of green and gold with hints of pink.


Favourite decoration and why?

I think my favourite decoration is probably the pink and gold pineapple I got this year as a gift from one of my besties Tassie, it’s just so cute.


When does your tree go up?

1ST December if possible!


Do you DIY anything?

There are a few spray painted baubles that we did ourselves last Christmas.


Who does the decorating in your house?

We decorate the tree together then I tend to gradually add other bits and bobs throughout the month!


On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Christmas?

10! I have always been lucky enough to spend Christmas with family and friends so it’s a happy time with happy memories.

kroma_xmasdecor_7 kroma_xmasdecor_9 kroma_xmasdecor_17

Stunning huh??? Huge thanks to Kate for the pics and I’ve got 2 more posts lined up for you which I’ll share over the next couple of days. ekkk!!

The boys birthday…


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I’m about a month late with this post but that seems to be a never ending trend so I’m not gonna worry too much about it!

My love celebrated his 35 Birthday last month and we celebrated with a bit of Harry Potter (because that’s what we do!)

We’d traveled up to spend a few days with my bro, sis-in-law and niece which was blooming lovely! (Lots of eating, resting and playing) 

(How cute does my niece look in her winter get up!!! 😍)

After that we traveled to Watford for a bit of early Christmas shopping and a GBK lunch… (FYI the katsu curry burger is amazing!!!)

Later that day we checked into Hunton Park Hotel for a bit of luxury and a night stay in this plush little hotel…

That evening we did a whole lot of nothing and just chilled at the hotel, making the most of the hotel pool and the room service facilities! We did make a bit of effort and enjoyed the bar/pool table for a while but in the end ordered pizza to the room and watched films in bed! Perfect way to spend a birthday eve!!

After a lazy start on Sunday (which was the boys actual birthday) we did the birthday tradition of cards and presents in bed and then it was time for the real fun to begin…

Maxwell’s main birthday treat and reason for staying in Watford was the fact that his present from me was a day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!!!

Considering how big a pair of Harry Potter geeks we are it’s a mystery we’ve never been before… But the time had come and like two overgrown kids we headed off for a day of geeky fun and butter beer! We started our day as all geeky days should begin with some touristy posed pictures.

dscf6707 dscf6714

The tour itself was amazing and the attention to detail was astounding!!! After a short film about the HP series the screen magically disappeared and the real doors to the great hall awaited us.

Maxwell joined the ‘birthday boys and girls’ hahahaha (ok so he was the only adult, but look at his face! (so cute!) and got to open the main doors and went to see Dumbledore and the other delights that awaited us

dscf6747 dscf6750

The great hall was just that and it was quite surreal being there (you’ll only get this if you’re a true HP geek) I hope the photos do justice to the scale and detail of the place because it was truly breathtaking! (if you go I recommend hanging back to get some lovely shots of an empty hall!)

dscf6730 dscf6717 dscf6752

The next stage was the BTS props and sets and again we were blown away by the level of detail that went in to everything. It was so clear that is was a joy to work on because the level of craftsmanship and quality was top notch.

dscf6774 dscf6761 dscf6767The costumes and hair and make up section was fab (being a former fashion student and all) and it was lovely seeing all the fantastic costumes from the films, in particular the Yule Ball outfits. In the same section we were also wowed by the chocolate sculptures you can see below, some of them were actually made of real chocolate too which is even more impressive!
dscf6764 dscf6763



In the middle section of the main warehouse was lots of various parts of different sets which was incredible to see all together…. from walls of artwork to the boys dormitory, the leaky cauldron, Dumbledores office, the hidden staircase and the Griffindor Common room, this part was so fun!dscf6778 dscf6779 dscf6782 dscf6788 dscf6792 dscf6797 dscf6805

in the middle of all the sets they also had a huge section on props, from the golden snitch and the philosophers stone to the casts wands and bottles of skelegrow! There was this huge caged section which was basically all the props from the room of requirement! Amazing…
dscf6813 dscf6825 dscf6834 dscf6840 Also fun fact – my fiancé is like a mini Hagrid! haha!!dscf6842 dscf6844

Round the next bend and the sets took a darker turn; Dementors, Borgin & Burke, Umbridge’s Office and Malfoy Manor! (I can only imagine what this sounds like if you’re not a Hp fan! haha sorry!!)
dscf6846 dscf6853 dscf6854 Next on the tour was platform 9 3/4…. This was great. They had the real train there which was used in the films! We got to run through the wall (or at least pose like we were any way!), go on board and see carriages from each of the films and even have a go acting with a green screen background!

dscf6862 dscf6864 dscf6867 dscf6877 dscf6880 dscf6885 dscf6888 dscf6889 dscf6895




I wasn’t allowed to take any photos but we also got to try our hand at acting and experiment with a bit of green screen / CGI fun. This was ridiculous but we weren’t the only adults so we just kind of went for it!!! Most amusing!!

After that we took a break and enjoyed a butterbeer and a few snacks in the backstage café… (FYI UK Butterbeer is much tastier/less sweet then it’s American counterpart)

dscf6911 dscf6914

Once refreshed, we headed outside and saw No. 4 Privett Drive and other iconic larger sets and vechicles (did some more posing – such geeks) then it was on to the SfX department!

dscf6924 dscf6935 dscf6938From costumes and prosthetics to animatronics and full scale models this part of the tour was equally amazing. You could see various goblin masks and Luna’s fake feet (fun HP fact for you there), Hagrid’s half giant costume, Buckbeak, moving mandrakes and a full size aragog!!  dscf6947 dscf6949 dscf6955 dscf6965 dscf6966 dscf6970


After that (and a million more photos) it was on to Diagon Alley. We’d seen a Diagon Alley previously when we went to America last year but it was still so amazing to see all the shops and look in the windows. Again the level of detail was fantastic!!dscf6988 dscf6990 dscf6991 dscf6992

The bit that was an unexpected treat was the technical drawings and paper model section. I guess because of the work Maxwell and I do this appealed to us both. Before any prop or set could be made it had to be drawn first, once the sketches were approved scaled down paper models could be made. This process applied for not only items but also full locations like Hogsmeade!

dscf6994 dscf6996

Finally, the last proper part of the tour and one you can’t not be amazed by, is the scale castle model. I’d previously seen photos and even still I was still amazed by the scale and detail of the castle!! It was used for all the wide angle shots of the castle mixed with CGI magic… We spent ages here, it really was very special!

dscf7003 dscf7008 dscf7017

So there you have it… a incredibly fun and utterly geeky birthday treat for the boy!

One more part of the tour that was worth mentioning as it was really lovely was the Olivanders Wand shop which you walked through on the way to the gift shop. The was about 4000 wands on show, all with individual labels on for everyone who was involved in the film, actors, set designers, film crew, everyone who helped on the films had a wand box. With the help of a very knowledgable lady we sought out all the famous actors including Maggie Smith and the late Alan Rickman!

dscf7025 dscf7031 dscf7033

So there you go, so for the massive photo overload but it really was just so good! If you’ve never been before I can’t recommend it enough, I think regardless of if you’re a HP fan or not this will still be something to enjoy (but even more so if you are) Finally, book well in advance and book an early slot as possible. Our time was 4ish (but they did let us in about an hour early so bear that in mind!!) and we left about 10ish absolutely knackered so a few more breaks throughout the day would have been nice!


Christmas Style #2


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For today’s Christmas style post I’d like to introduce my beautiful friend Mrs Anna Zizzou…








2016 Theme:

I think you could sum up our festive home decor as ’50s kitschmas!’


Describe your festive style?

A white vintage tree with original 50s pastel and bright baubles mixed with a few modern kitsch ones. Most of the old ones have come from charity shops and car-boot sales. (*Buying out of season is a great tip for getting vintage ones super cheap)

Favourite decoration & why?

Every year I fall back in love with with my decorations and unwrapping each one fills me with so much happiness.
I love all of my baubles especially all together (even off the tree) so would be hard pushed to pick a favourite although I really love the collection of colourful 50s snowy trees that belonged to my grandparents! I love to think how many trees most of the baubles have adorned before and how many presents they’ve seen unwrapped.


When does your tree go up?

The past few years our tree has gone up on the 1st of the December. My brothers birthday is on December 17th so growing up we always put our tree up after that so his birthday still felt like his birthday rather than Christmas.

Instead we used to drive around in the evenings looking at other peoples trees and decorations to feel festive and I always knew that as an adult I would want to put my tree up in the beginning of December for others to come and marvel at.


Do you DIY anything?

This year I made some bauble wreaths for the first time using a mixture of old and modern baubles bought from our local charity shop.

I really enjoyed making them and working out the perfect composition. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love them!



Anything else you want to share?

My most treasured and delicate baubles always live at the top of the tree, where as the stronger or newer kitsch ones hang lower down to try and survive another year in the hands (paws) of the cats.

I also had to share Anna’s amazing wrapping paper skills this year… would you just look at them?!? She got black paper and drew on decorations in pink, green and white! They looked just stunning under her retro white tree!

img_1679 img_1678

So there you go, another day, another stunning festive style! I don’t know about you but I am loving this series and wish I’d started it early… I think I’ll definitely be doing a follow up series next year!!! I’m just about to draft tomorrow’s post which will be a tropical explosion…. I can’t wait!

Christmas Style #1


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Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a bit of a thing about Christmas… Putting up the tree, dressing the house, unwrapping all the decorations… I love the traditions you make and the way it makes you feel. Corny yes, but who the hell cares…

I had planned to do this series throughout December but got a bit delayed but I thought better late then never, and who knows, maybe I’ll continue the tradition next year when things are a bit calmer and I’m a bit more prepared!

The idea is simple, I’d share with you all not only my Christmas style but the variety of festive styles adopted by my very stylish friends… from Kitsch to tropical I think I’m covering all grounds.

I asked my girls to share a few pics and answer a few questions and it only seems fair that I get the ball rolling…

So here goes:

2016 Theme:

This year I’d describe our theme as beautiful & classic. We’ve got a very limited and warm colour range including mustards, metallics and whites with wood, glass and brass. I think it’s my favourite ever!!!!


Describe your festive style?

I like to think over the years my festive style has evolved and changed as I have. I believe it’s now quite refined and a true reflection of what I love most. I’d say I’m quite classic with our festive decor but I include a mix of vintage and modern items which sit harmoniously together. I don’t have a lot of colour but it’s very warm and inviting… crisp white clean lines alongside warming brass and mustard pieces.


Favourite decoration & why?

Oh now that’s a tricky one as I have so many. I brought some gorgeous new baubles this year including a huge etched rose gold one which I adore. There’s also our hand blown Mickey Mouse bauble which we brought last year at The Magic Kingdom when we got engaged so that’s pretty special and as I lost my granddad a few weeks ago I also brought a granddad star for him so sentimentally that’s really special now.

dscf7417 dscf7419

When does your tree go up?

1st of December if possible, then I can spend the rest of the month fussing and tweaking things! haha



Do you DIY anything?

Yes, there are quite a few little DIY things around the house… my newest and most favourite addition is my cream and gold woollen tassels for the tree!



Who does the decorating in your house?

The boy helps with the tree and the lights and maybe the first few decorations then is happy to sit back and let me get on with it (which suits me fine – haha)


On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Christmas? 

Oh a definite 10… I’ve always loved christmas and then my boy went and proposed last year on christmas day so made it even more special!


Anything else you want to share?

Being away last year, as lovely as it was, has made being home this year even more special. I’ve gone all out this year and as well as the tree I’ve also decorated other areas of the house more then I ever have before, the fireplaces in the lounge and bedroom, the sideboards and the hallway… It’s like a festive wonderland in our home and I know it’ll feel so bare come January!

Plus who else adores wrapping presents??????



So there you have it…. that’s me. Next up I’ll share my beautiful friend Anna Zizzou’s…. get ready for a 50’s kitsch explosion!

Lake of Lights


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I haven’t publicly said this anywhere yet but last week I lost my wonderful grandad. I’m struggling with my grief at the moment and am stuck somewhere between being ok and wanting to break down. 

I woke up super early this morning from a horrible dream where my bellybutton was falling apart. After a bit of research into dream interpretations I discovered the following…

Seems about right… 

An annual Rowans Hospice event which is hosted very locally to us each year caught the attention of both Maxwell and I given the recent events and also as the date marks another sad anniversary in Maxwells family. 

So armed with a flask of hot chocolate and warm coats we walked to the end of the road and attended my first ever lake of lights service. 

It was lovely, we donated to the charity for a light each for my grandad and Abi and after some carols and a short service we added our lights to the floats and sent them out into the lake. 

In a moment of silence, with tears rolling down my face I tried to say goodbye to a man I dearly loved. 

I won’t go on (typing and tears don’t mix) but instead will share with you a few photos…

Wedding Series #13


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So I decided I should do a couple of posts this month (bonus wedding stuff people… whoop) I couldn’t have possibly written about anything else on the last post as I felt 1) the photos deserved their own platform, and 2) it would have been cruel to bombard you with anything more!

Thank you for the kind words though and all of you who had a little snoop! It makes us very happy! I also received an extra bit of exciting news from the awesome Hayley… An international wedding blog has picked up the photos and is going to feature them in January! Ekk! How exciting!!!!

So anyway…. enough of that…. let me update you on what we’ve been doing this month!

1 – First up, and as promised a month or so back our ‘extra info’ has officially gone out (which was very exciting) It all seems to have gone down well and we received the highest praise when I heard via the wife of wedding guest, friend and professional wedding photographer that he couldn’t think of anything else that he needed to ask us! Whoop! Does that mean we did the wedding invite impossible and cracked the code of the invite/info?? I doubt it, but hey, we gave it a darn good shot! Let me fill you in what we included (warning you may way to get a cup of tea to hand, we may be here a while)

Firstly the important stuff like addresses of venues, directions to get to those venues and advice to use public transport if possible (due to Brighton’s pricey parking costs!) Oh and info/an option to jump on the party bus to/from the reception

Then we did a whole thing on accommodation… suggestions on hotels (both in Brighton and Steyning) and for those that don’t like hotels advice on AirBnB and options of camping at the reception venue for those bohemian types.

We then did a whole double page spread on top tips – phone numbers, suggestions to bring cash, to have a big breakfast, bring flat shoes etc etc etc (who knew there was so much to tell people!?)

Then, let me think…. A gift list thing…. This was a tricky one but in the end we gave 3 suggestions, make us something, buy vintage, or donate to our honeymoon via Patchwork It ( a clever customisable website where you can ask for things (of different money value) rather the just cash contributions – you can check it out here if you’re interested… It’s really rather clever!)

We also did a suggestion on what to wear (For the ladies…but also the boys too) so people could know the colour palette (if they want to blend in – something I like to do for other peoples wedding) and also suggestions on the vibe of the day and level of dressy up-ness… ie, go for it at the bandstand, but feel free to kick off your heels for the reception kind of advice. I’d heard horror stories of people going to weddings and being stuck with stilettos all day, or being cold in the evening due to being outdoorsy so I thought I’d help where possible.

The last thing we shared was a rough itinerary for the day so people had an idea of what the plan was (especially helpful for those with little ones – there are a lot of little people attending)

So there you have it! (I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a lot was I?) the designing of it was really fun and again I wanted to create the magic of a fun little package arriving so had designed a roll-fold package where all the goodies could lie within…. enough talk…. let me share with you some pics…

dscf6473 dscf6474 dscf6475 dscf6478 dscf6480 dscf6482 dscf6484 dscf6489 dscf6494 dscf6501 dscf6504 dscf6509

So there you go… what do you think?

2 – This last month has also been majorly focussed on well dressed boys! We decided to dress all the boys differently rather then attempting to dress them the same; allowing their individual personalities to shine through and hopefully getting something that they’ll wear again out of the experience!

This process hasn’t been as easy as I first imagined… (Now I’m going to share a geeky bride secret here) I even had to make up a photoshop composite of the boys to figure out what they could wear! haha. We’ve gone for lots of autumnal tones; greens, browns, greys, burgundies and creams… so with this mismatched colour scheme in mind the mock up helped me visualise the collective boys get ups.

I dont want to show you exactly what we’ve gone for but instead thought I’d share with you a few inspirations from my secret wedding related pinterest board!


262759_give-the-groom-a-real-cake screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-17-15



blazer-waistcoat-long-sleeve-shirt-chinos-belt-large-6291 screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-15-35Sources: one | two | three | four | five | six

As you can see.. we’re going for lots of tweeds, wool mixes and laid-back vibes. We’re trying on things this afternoon with my dad and the best man so fingers crossed things start coming together soon! eek

Talking of best man’s did I mention that Maxwell asked his nephew Jasper to be bestman? We found this beautiful vintage silk bow tie in a local vintage shop and gifted it to Jasper along with a card… Luckily he said yes!


3 – Lastly we have also started to think about our wedding bands and have booked a date in January (on our 6month count down) with my jeweller friend Sarah Macrae to make them ourselves. Ekkk! Maxwell, not being a jewellery wearing kind of man would like a beat up brass coloured band and to match, I have decided to have the same colour too. Because of the size of my vintage engagement ring, and after chats with bestie and fellow bride-to-be Miss Hayden, I have decided to wear my wedding band on my middle finger and keep the engagement ring on my ring finger where it belongs! To tie the old (engagement) and the new (wedding) rings together I thought I would also see if i could find a vintage marcasite eternity band to wear alongside my wedding ring!

Here are a couple of inspiration pics…





screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-14-19-21 Sources: one | two | three

So there you have it…. Another month down. I can’t believe that when I do the next post we’ll have been engaged a whole year!! Where has that time gone???

Till next time…. x

Wedding Series #12


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First things first, apologies for the lateness of this post. I won’t go into it now but it’s been one of those months.

So we find ourselves another month on and another month closer to our ‘I Do’s’. As promised this post is going to be all about our engagement shoot with our wonderful wedding photograper. I mentioned in my last post that Hayley Savage (photographer extraordinaire) offered us a pre wedding shoot and having seen the images we got back, I am so so happy we said yes!

Hayley and I chatted before the shoot and discussed what we were after. We had a secret Pinterest board which you can see here (it’s no longer secret) and I think this was so very helpful as we both went into the photoshoot with a really clear plan in mind.

Prior to the shoot I’d done a little location scouting around Southsea and I’d chosen 3 locations to base our shoot around. The grassy beach lands near Eastney, The Rose Garden & the Hotwalls. We also managed to sneak in a few little extra spots along the way like under the pier and by canoe lake.

We did the shoot on the 23 Nov, a couple of days before our 8 month count down (where we celebrated with Italian food and Fantastic Beasts) and it was a lovely way to celebrate our now monthly date nights.

I can’t express how happy we both are with the photos. Hayley has managed to capture ‘us’, I had the hardest task choosing which ones to share with you all as there are so many lovely ones. I’m not the most confident in front of a camera so to have this many images of myself that I not just like but love is astounding!

I’m stop waffling on now and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a photographer I can’t speak highly enough of Hayley, and if you’re engaged and wondering wether to do a pre wedding shoot or not, do it!! Definitely, 100% do it! Not only do we have these beautiful mementos to treasure forever but it’s made me so much more relaxed about the real deal photos!!

Anyway I hope you like them… Please let me know what you think!! I’ll do another post soon about the invites, suits, rings and other things we’ve been thinking about in the last month! p.s., final warning… there’s a lot of images!!


017-am 018-am 022-am 023-am 027-am 028-am 031-am 036-am 039-am 040-am 042-am 044-am 045-am 046-am 052-am 055-am 057-am 059-am 061-am 067-am 074-am 078-am 080-am 082-am 083-am 085-am 086-am 087-am 088-am 089-am 092-am 095-am 098-am 099-am 101-am 106-am 114-am 115-am 117-am 118-am 120-am 122-am 126-am 127-am 141-am 144-am 150-am 155-am 157-am 164-am 168-am 172-am 174-am 176-am 178-am 179-am 184-am 186-am 187-am 199-am 201-am 202-am 203-am 205-am 207-am 214-am 218-am 222-am 228-am 230-am 232-am 235-am 236-am 238-am 241-am 244-am 247-am 250-am 251-am 254-am 257-am 259-am 260-am 267-am 271-am 274-am 275-am 277-am

The Wonderous Wedding Fair


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Every bride-to-be knows that a wedding fair (or 3) is a must during your planning time. Free goodies, inspiration everywhere and a little indulgent bride time with your best girls.

Since we got engaged I have been to 2 wedding fairs (you can read about them here and here) and both have been a little more exciting then your average (re: traditional) wedding fair.

As we don’t fancy ourselves a traditional kinda couple, we don’t want a traditional wedding, so as you can imagine a traditional wedding fair (think butterflies, chair covers and crystals) really isn’t my cup of tea. I have a knack of going off something as soon as it becomes trendy… an frustrating trait for any bride to be I’m sure you’ll agree!

Anyway, today I have been to my third; The Wonderous Wedding Fair organised by Doily Days and The Vintage Parade taking place in my home town of Southsea.

With two of my best girls in tow we headed to The Pryamids and spent a fun few hours on a sunny Sunday indulging in all things bridal.

We got their early, just after 11, and as soon as we entered we spotted the lovely Lily of Lily Lupin Floral Design who was offering chances to design and make your own flower crown! Of course we jumped straight in…

img_0270 img_0272This was so fun… Lily allowed us to design our own crown using the colours and flowers we wanted… Chloe and Anna chose a mix of bright blooms and I selected peach and ivory roses and lemon balm (it also smells amazing!)


With our floral crowns on board and joined by the beautiful Kelly and her mum, we headed off to watch the first Fashion Show of the day. The designs were a mix of local, bespoke and vintage gowns, and whilst none were my cup of tea, it was still fun to watch. The giant WONDER lights at the back of the stage were pretty special too!


After that it was time to check out the stalls….

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the pretty stationary designer Geri Loves Emi. Having just designed our wedding stationary I loved Geri’s whimsical and delicate florals and illustrative style. Her designs were unique and very pretty indeed!


The next stall that caught our eye was the stunning dried floral art made by Katie….

img_0284 Unfortunately the close up I took was blurry (I knew I should have taken my big camera) but Katie’s pieces were stunning. You can see more of her work on her website Lotus Floral Art. I was especially drawn to her gorgeous button holes and the rather delicious edible flower and chocolate freebies


With our fresh flower crowns on our heads we felt a little like we were the opposition but being able to treasure your flower crown forever is a lovely idea and they really were works of art!

Round the corner and on to the next row of stalls and our eyes were instantly drawn the the seriously gorgeous display of Jemima Cakes. Not only were the cakes, meringe kisses, favours and other various sweet treats on show utterly gorgeous on the eye, but Harriot was also lovely. I think we all wanted to befriend her (in a totally cringey girl crush way! haha) I always presumed we’d make our cake but seeing Harriot’s masterpieces I must admit I’m a bit tempted now!

img_0288 img_0289 img_0525Again I wish I’d brought my proper camera as my phone snaps just don’t do it justice! But seriously go check out her fb page and stalk her on Instagram! I promise you won’t be disappointed (warning, while not disappointed, I can’t promise you won’t leave not feeling hungry!)

The next stall that we stopped at was Choc & Truffle… probably because it was covered in chocolate (hey don’t judge) We were treated to some lovely strawberry chocolate and they were delish! Any chocolate lovers out there should definitely check out this local company!


After filling our boots with sweet treats it was time to move on. The next stall that stopped us in our tracks was Paper Bear Lane. A lovely lady who drew gorgeous little book invitations! these were seriously cute and the lady behind the artwork (I didn’t catch your name I’m sorry!) was lovely too!! If you’re after something a little different for your wedding stationary I seriously suggest these guys!!

img_0294 img_0295

After here I don’t think we really chatted in depth to many people but there were some stunning florals by Cabbage White Flowers.

img_0297 img_0298

And some over lovelys bits along the way….

img_0296 img_0301 img_0527 img_0300 img_0282We kinda rushed the end part as we decided to take part in a ‘Show Girl Do’ bit of fun backstage with the lovely Dawn! With a selection of other apprehensive gals we shyed away to the edges not sure what to expect. After 10 minutes Dawn has us dancing around in faux feather boas, learning silly routines and giving alot of “tits and teeth”. Very funny, flirty and silly! Dawn not only is a 50’s/60’s singer/entertainer, she also does hen dos and on the day dances etc! Check out her website to find out more, she was a hoot!

So there you have it, a really cute day with my girls and a really cute wedding fair especially as I do believe it was the first of it’s kind! Well done Doily Days and The Vintage Parade!