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So last week (my how time flies) two of my best friends got married in a beautiful outdoors ceremony in Dorset (I’ll do a post on that later)

Before the big day came the big hen do!!

I was asked by the lovely bridesmaids to help organise the creative side of things, a job right up my street!

The bridesmaids Adele, Emily and Jazz did a fantastic job organising the do, we were heading to Brighton for a stay in the iconic bell tents courtesy of The Bell Tent Company. We also hired a tipi incase the British weather decided to rear its ugly heads…. luckily after morning torrential downpours, the afternoon was perfect, glorious sunshine and clear blue skies.

As well as arranging a couple of games I also decided to make my friend, the bride-to-be, Anna a hen party scrap-book.

She’s always been a fan on mine and Maxwells scrapbook so I knew she’d love it, plus I’d made one before for another besties hen and it went down a treat!

As well as lovely memento of the weekend which she could treasure forever, it would also house all the games and activities…

I tried to do some research on other hen party books but didn’t find much that was inspiring… google images was helpful for a few ideas as was good old pinterest so I thought once I’d finished the book I’d do a post on it and upload all the pics to pinterest to inspire others!

If you like what I’ve done, please let me know, or even if it’s inspired you… Someone mentioned I should make them for others, which is a possibility! If this is something that interests you leave a comment and we can discuss!!

Inside the book were the following pages:

* Photo pages * messages from friends * irtinary * list of hens * games * date night suggestions * draw a penis page * A-Z’s * Places for keepsakes * letters from loved ones * design a dress * activities * memory pages *

Well I hope you enjoy…. I sure enjoyed making it, and the bride to be certainly loved it!

well…. what do you think??

Here’s a pic of the beautiful Anna with her hen party book…