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So…. it’s time to tell you about my amazing, once in a lifetime, unforgettable Hen Do…. Lo Fest.

I should start by telling you that I wanted a low key affair, a few of my best girls, a few pretty things to photograph and definitely no typical pink fluff/willies/L plates etc etc.

Onion (MOH) and I started a pinterest board way back when with some ideas; boho dinners, flower crowns, tipi’s, henna… you get the feeling…

Luckily a few of my other best girls got involved too and the secret squirrel club was born. These ladies, took my ideas and ran with them… what they created was a weekend I will never forget, one that I will treasure forever, one that was SO PERFECT I just can’t describe.

So instead… I’ll show you…

The weekend started before I even arrived; Anna, Chloe & Mumma Lo headed down to our awesome base, Brickles Camp, loaded with more bohemian goodies then you could find in a gypsy bazaar. Borrowed, brought and loaned treasure was crammed into 2 small cars all set to transform Brickles Yurt Camp into the bohemian oasis that was Lo Fest. 

For me, the butterflies set in and my Hen Do officially began as I sat front seat, blindfolded in my best buds car, the chinking of bottles and excited chatter of directions being whispered down the phone. Car honking and giggles from Nat in the back seat we clearly turned off a main road and onto a bumpy dirt track… I’m not gonna lie, at this point I was getting a little nervous… As the car started slowing down ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker’ started blaring out, a song that always gives me goosebumps (Uni Fashion show moment) I was helped out of the car and led, still blindfolded along a definite dirt track… At this moment, my blindfold was whipped off and before me stood the most gorgeous gaggle of babes in front of a HUGE Lo Fest banner tied amongst the trees….

At this moment butterflies flew away and excited eagles took their place, emotion and the biggest grin know to man took over and it sunk it that it was finally here, my hen do!!!

After tears, the biggest of bear hugs all round and being handed my VIP festival lanyard, my Lo Lo Girls took me on a grand tour of our camp…

Our home for the weekend consisted of 3 gorgeous yurts… 2 bedrooms and a lounge/kitchen/commune. The centre piece of the camp was a campfire surrounded by handmade wooden benches… Nestled out the back was a little outdoor kitchen and open air bathroom. Yay! The girls had set up two chill out areas, a cosy plush cushion and throw strewn snug under a gazebo and a beautiful bohemian gypsy tea table set up surrounded by vintage rugs and cushions… heaven!!!!

Once I’d got my bearings and had explored the camp it was time for the celebrations to begin… Homemade cake, mini tambourines and champagne a go go…

Once we’d indulged in some Hen Do treats we headed over to the Gypsy Table set up, goody bags in tow and all got a few more treats… Mumma Lo had made the most gorgeous goody bags for everyone… Inside were all the camp necessities you could need… a torch, a pop up wine glass, hand sanitiser, chocolate willies (haha) There was also little dream catcher rings, candy bracelets, nail polishes…. super super cute and so thoughtful… I also got a chance to finally look at and take in my lanyard… which hinted at the most fun weekend ever, at this moment in time, off ran Chloe and Anna and they returned moments later with the biggest most gorgeous looking pressies you ever did see…

At this point I need to stress again how blooming wonderful my friends are… I sat there surrounded my the best girls ever, all with the biggest smiles on their faces, all gathered together, friends old and new, to be with me, to send me off in the best way possible! Also… they may be creative geniuses… A present from Chloe came first, labeled with cryptic clue and a nod to one of our favourite cult films… inside nestled the most gorgeous hand painted leather jacket… WOW!!

Next up was a grown up version of pass the parcel… except I won every time… and I really did win… An embroidered Lo Fest fringed kimono, my own customised festival booties, the most gorgeous embroidered ‘Lo to Hyde’ sash (like seriously beautiful… Judi, Ann’s mum is amazing) a handmade macrame Veil and a hen do book overflowing so much love and happy memories. 

So…. goodies given, already feeling utterly overwhelmed it was time for the activities to begin… and boy did they begin… First up was the lovely Manraj who spent 3 blissful hours giving up all the most sensational henna designs! I have always adored Henna and have been doing it myself since I was about 13… it was such a treat to have a pro do the honours though!!

Amazing huh?!? Straight after Henna it was time for another activity and another surprise….  Out popped my gorgeous second cousin (who also happens to be getting married a day after us) and Chloe took the lead on another activity I was really wanting to do…. Gathering all the fresh flowers from around the camp Chloe helped us all design and make beautiful fresh flower crowns. Busy hands and talk turned to upcoming nuptials and comparing to-do lists and exciting times ahead…

Flower crowns in place and it was time for some lunch and the hen do classic of ‘Mr & Mrs’… Cue hilarious answers, tears of joy, bunny hop demonstrations, tears of emotion and SO much laughter!!!! haha

Shortly after that the girls sneaked off one by one for some top secret squirrelling behaviour…. about 5 minutes later…i was called outside and apparently my love of indian culture was set to continue… gone were my festival boho babes, in their place were gorgeous sari’d colourful queens ❤

Gifted with another parcel, containing my own beautiful Indian dress, Sophie then announced that the real reason for her joining us was that she was going to lead us in a Bollywood dance class!!!!!!

I’m not gonna lie… we were pretty good! haha…

Post dance class I was poured a drink and told to chill and get dressed for the evenings shenanigans… I was instructed to dress in a long black floral dress and so I busied myself getting ready. Once dressed, I was again blindfolded and lead into the commune which had been transformed into our own glitter bar!!!

The girls joined me, all looking stunning and ready for our very own white party!!!!

We got stuck in with the glitter and suddenly in walked a girl, Miss Mathis had officially joined the party!!! ❤ Fast forward 5 minutes and in walks a boy!!!! Fret not, our Hen hadn’t been infiltrated by the groom-to-be, oh no… this boy was wearing a dickie bow and was carrying a tray of bellini’s… Any boy like that was welcome to stay at my Hen Do!

By this stage, no secrets left to unveil I was allowed back outside and could admire the most gorgeous sunset, lanterns lit, candles flickering, campfire burning and the dinner table set…

First things first it was time to take some selfies… this was a hen do after all!! Out come the selfie stick, the pouts and the cocktails started to flow…

Soon after, we headed to the dinner table to enjoy a sensational Moroccan Feast cooked by Mumma Lo… For starter we enjoyed a beetroot and goats cheese stack with warm flatbread and dukka…. seriously… it was like we were in a 5* restaurant not in a field in the middle of the Dorset country side. For main course there was cous cous, spiced carrot salad, lamb kofta and Chicken tagine…. Seriously, I know every girl thinks their mum is the best cook, but this would take some beating!!!

Plates cleared… its was time for the White party to really get started….

We decamped to the campfire and what turned into the best night ever truly began.

Picture the scene if you will… take the best girls you could ever imagine, dress them all in white, a bevy of angels if you will… slightly drunk angels, but everyone knows they’re the best kind! Dress them up in glitter and flower crowns. A continuous flow of cocktails, a clear night sky full of twinkling stars, a roaring campfire, music that makes you want to dance blasting from a speaker and more love then you can cram into a campfire circle.

With no neighbours the music was turned up loud, inhibitions were cast aside and like wild women we danced in circles around the flames. Feeling utterly free and so unbelievably happy we danced until the bar packed up and went home, we danced until we’d sung our hearts out, till our clothes were infused with smoke and knickers were burnt in the flames!

The night ended how any good campfire should end… With toasted marshmellows in the embers…

And there you have it… Part one of my hen do… of Lo Fest… I’m going to split the Do into two.. (as you do) and save the rest for another time… Till then, I’m going to go over what was the most perfect day!!!  ❤